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A Reflection of My Time Writing About the Industry Part 3- Predictions for the Future
August,04, Hartley Henderson

A Reflection of My Time Writing About the Industry - Part 2
July,28, Hartley Henderson

A Reflection of My Time Writing About the Industry and a Prediction for the Future
July,20, Hartley Henderson

There's More to the Kahnawake-Antigua Agreement than Meets the Eye
June,30, Hartley Henderson

UIGEA Mandatory Enforcement is Having Little Effect So Far
June,16, Hartley Henderson

Open Wheel Racing is Still Trying to Renew Interest in the United States
May,29, Hartley Henderson

Offshore Poker Sites Catering to the U.S. are Laughing all the Way to the Bank
May,18, Hartley Henderson

McDermott's New Tax Bill is Wrought With Problems
April,29, Hartley Henderson

Handicapping the 2010 NHL Playoffs - Western Conference
April,14, Hartley Henderson

Handicapping the First Round of the NHL Playoffs - Eastern Conference
April,14, Hartley Henderson

Facebook Page to Support Internet Gaming Aims for 200,000 Friends
April,02, Hartley Henderson

iMEGA Believes it has Fulfilled The Supreme Court Requirement in Kentucky Domain Name Case
March,25, Hartley Henderson

The British Are Coming!
March,12, Hartley Henderson

Looking for Value at the 2010 Academy Awards

Tribal Groups are Biggest Obstacle to California Intrastate Gambling Network

Single Game Sports Betting in Canada May be on the Docket in the Near Future

States and the PPA Prepared to Challenge Gaming Laws as UIGEA Deadline and Midterm Elections Near

Online Subscription Poker Clubs Present an Array of Possibilities for Other Forms of
January,14, Hartley Henderson

The Kentucky Domain Name Issue Will Be a Major Story in 2010
December,31, Hartley Henderson

Three New Year's Day Bowl Predictions
December,30, Jay Graziani

How To Hit Two-Thirds of Your College Bowl Bets
December,17, Jay Graziani

2009 Gambling Year in Review - 5 Stories that Dominated the News: Part II
December,17, Hartley Henderson

2009 Gambling Year in Review - 5 Stories that Dominated the News: Part I
December,16, Hartley Henderson

UFC 107: Preview and Predictions
December,11, Jay Graziani

Experts Contradict Spencer Bachus' Claims That Online Gambling Harms Youth
December,04, Hartley Henderson

Gambling? There's An App For That
December,01, Jay Graziani

Mandatory UIGEA Enforcement Delayed by Six Months
December,01, Hartley Henderson

UFC 106: Preview and Predictions
November,20, Jay Graziani

U.S. Banks Offer "Due Diligence" as UIGEA Deadline approaches
November,16, Hartley Henderson

UFC 105: Preview and Predictions
November,13, Jay Graziani

Bill to Delay Implementation of UIGEA Now Has More Than 50 Co-sponsors
October,30, Hartley Henderson

Delaware Sports Lottery Off To Shaky Start
October,29, Jay Graziani

UFC 104: Preview and Predictions
October,24, Jay Graziani

Protectionism in Gambling Isn't Just a U.S. Issue
October,20, Hartley Henderson

An American Gambler in Monte Carlo
October,17, Jay Graziani

Delaware should join iMEGA's lawsuit against the Feds
October,02, Hartley Henderson

'The Ultimate Fighter' Winners Find Success in Post-Television Fighting Careers
October,01, Jay Graziani

Bonuses and Promotions are Returning in Force: Rating the Good vs. Bad
October,01, Hartley Henderson

UFC 103: Preview and Predictions
September,18, Jay Graziani

A Betting Analysis of the NASCAR Chase for the Cup
September,16, Hartley Henderson

Kahnawake Finalizes It's Findings in the Ultimate Bet Scandal
September,13, Hartley Henderson

Delaware Ruling A Major Setback for U.S. Sports Gambling
September,10, Jay Graziani

Delaware's Best Option May be to Join iMEGA's Lawsuit
August,29, Hartley Henderson

UFC 102: Preview and Predictions
August,28, Jay Graziani

U.S. District Court Holds BETonSPORTS Money Hostage
August,23, Jay Graziani

UFC 101: Preview and Predictions
August,07, Jay Graziani

A Challenge to Leagues for a Serious Discussion on Sports Betting
August,07, Hartley Henderson

The Big Gamble: The NFL Versus Delaware
August,01, Jay Graziani

Battle Lines are Being Drawn in Delaware and New Jersey
July,26, Hartley Henderson

Lack of Competition at the Highest Levels is a Thorn in UFC's Side
July,24, Jay Graziani

UFC 100: Preview and Predictions
July,10, Jay Graziani

An Interview with Professor I. Nelson Rose
July,07, Hartley Henderson

Three Ways to Beat Your Bookie
July,01, Jay Graziani

The Online Gambling Industry in America is Far Different Than What it Could Have Been-Part II
June,25, Hartley Henderson

The Online Gambling Industry in America is Far Different Than What it Could Have Been
June,24, Hartley Henderson

"UFC 2009 Undisputed" Tops Expectations...By Jay Graziani
June,24, Jay Graziani

UFC 99: Preview and Predictions
June,12, Jay Graziani

Any Changes to U.S. Gambling Laws Will Involve New Jersey
June,10, Hartley Henderson

Is Parimutuel an Option for the Delaware Sports Lottery?
June,01, Jay Graziani

Addiction Counselor Suggests Online Gambling is Less Addictive than Land Based Gambling
May,26, Hartley Henderson

UFC 98: Preview and Predictions
May,22, Jay Graziani

Ipod Casino Dispute Illustrates the Tenuous Relationship Between Gambling and Technology
May,16, Jay Graziani

Barney Frank's New Bill Provides Little Satisfaction to the Sports Betting Industry
May,13, Hartley Henderson

The Daily Grind of Sportsbetting: It Ain't as Easy as it Used to Be
April,30, Jay Graziani

Minnesota Attempts To Block Online Gambling by Its Citizens
April,30, Hartley Henderson

UFC 97: Preview and Predictions
April,17, Jay Graziani

Betfair`s Memoranda of Understanding is a Benefit to Bettors and Sports Leagues
April,15, Hartley Henderson

Can Losing Lead To Winning? Motivational Factors in Second Half Performance
April,13, Jay Graziani

The David Carruthers Saga Comes to an End with a Guilty Plea
April,07, Hartley Henderson

Online Gambling Tax Analysis Appears Promising But Remains Flawed
March,31, Jay Graziani

New Jersey Lawsuit Attempts to Strike Down Federal Gambling Ban
March,26, Jay Graziani

F1's Constant Changing of Rules is Confusing to Bettors
March,22, Hartley Henderson

Legal Firm Fights for Free Speech in Online Gambling
March,13, Hartley Henderson

UFC 96: Preview and Predictions
March,07, Jay Graziani

Senator Raymond Lesniak Hopes to Bring Sports Wagering to New Jersey
March,01, Jay Graziani

The EU Appears to be Doing a 360
March,01, Hartley Henderson

Research Shows Manipulating Prediction Markets is More Difficult than It Appears
February,26, Jay Graziani

UFC 95: Preview and Predictions
February,20, Jay Graziani

Handicapping the 2009 Oscars
February,18, Hartley Henderson Provides a Rare Legal Victory for Online Gambling
February,12, Jay Graziani

Betfair is a Gambling Success Story
February,12, Hartley Henderson

UFC 94: Preview and Predictions
January,30, Jay Graziani

Bettor Bias and Road Team Profitability in the NHL
January,28, Jay Graziani

An Interview with Antigua Lawyer Mark Mendel
January,24, Hartley Henderson

Kentucky Court of Appeals Shows Common Sense in Its Decision
January,20, Hartley Henderson

UFC 93: Preview and Predictions
January,16, Jay Graziani

The North American Horse Racing Industry Can Blame Itself for It's Demise
January,14, Hartley Henderson

...And Meet Me Tonight in Atlantic City: The Pathetic State of Jersey Gaming
January,13, Jay Graziani

The Complete Square's Guide to Sports Wagering: Basic Math for Sports Gamblers
January,01, Jay Graziani

Leagues are Fighting a Losing Battle over Sports Betting
December,31, Hartley Henderson

UFC 92: Preview and Predictions
December,27, Jay Graziani

Three Stories that Dominated the Online Gambling News in 2008
December,23, Hartley Henderson

Examining Some College Bowl Game Wagering Situations, 2008 Update
December,17, Jay Graziani

The Best Strategy in Sports Betting Pools: Going Against the Grain
December,10, Jay Graziani

Clearing Some Misinformation in the 60 Minutes Report
December,04, Hartley Henderson

The Complete Square's Guide to Sports Wagering: Hedging
December,03, Jay Graziani

The UIGEA Regulations are a Dud, Now What?
December,01, Hartley Henderson

UFC 91: Preview and Predictions
November,14, Jay Graziani

Treasury Finalizes Flawed UIGEA Regulations
November,12, Hartley Henderson

Surprising Cardinals Worth a Look in NFL Futures
November,10, Jay Graziani

Obama Should Support Overturning the UIEGA and Use Online Gaming as a New Revenue Stream
November,07, Hartley Henderson

November,05, Hartley Henderson

The Complete Square's Guide to Sports Wagering: Teasers
November,03, Jay Graziani

UFC 90: Preview and Predictions
October,24, Jay Graziani

Handicapping the Breeder's Cup - Part 2: Saturday's Races
October,24, Hartley Henderson

Handicapping the Breeders' Cup - Part 1: Friday's Races
October,23, Hartley Henderson

UFC 89: Preview and Predictions
October,16, Jay Graziani

We Haven't Heard the Last from Kimbo Slice
October,12, Jay Graziani

Comrade Beshear's Motion Should be Thrown Out
October,12, Hartley Henderson

Sports Leagues Could Be Looking for New Revenue Sources for Advertising and Sponsorships
October,09, Hartley Henderson

Forensic Handicap of the 2008 MLB NLCS and ALCS
October,07, Spraguer

Memoirs of a Sportsbettor, Part III: The Internet Revolution is Over
October,07, Jay Graziani

Forensic Handicap of the First Round of the 2008 MLB Playoffs
October,01, Spraguer

The Complete Square's Guide to Sports Wagering: Profiting from Line Movement
October,01, Jay Graziani

Kahnawak:e Issues Sanctions against Ultimate Bet and Orders Repayment of Funds Estimated at $6.1 million
September,29, Hartley Henderson

Memoirs of a Sportsbettor, Part II: Confessions of a Bonus Whore
September,26, Jay Graziani

Payment System Protection Act (HR6870) Is a Useless Bill
September,23, Hartley Henderson

Memoirs of a Sportsbettor, Part I
September,16, Jay Graziani

A Gambling Perspective on the Chase for the Cup
September,12, Hartley Henderson Urges Readers to Vote for Obama in November
September,09, Hartley Henderson

UFC 88: Preview and Predictions
September,05, Jay Graziani

The Complete Square's Guide to Sports Wagering: Being Contrarian, Part II
August,26, Jay Graziani

Another Bill Targets Online Sports Betting
August,20, Hartley Henderson

The Olympics Stink -- Here's Why
August,16, Jay Graziani

UFC 87: Preview and Predictions
August,08, Jay Graziani

California Intrastate Poker, the Topic on Everyone's Lips
August,07, Hartley Henderson

Ten Rookie Running Backs Worth Watching in the 2008 NFL Season
August,01, Jay Graziani

Breaking News: Kahnawa:ke Appoints Independent Monitoring Team
July,28, Hartley Henderson

The Complete Square's Guide to Sports Wagering: Being Contrarian, Part I
July,25, Jay Graziani

Governments May Be Taking a Different View on Prosecuting Gaming Operators
July,24, Hartley Henderson

Kahnawake Gaming Commission Set to Release Details of the Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet Scandals
July,24, Hartley Henderson

The Truth About Touts, Part II
July,19, Jay Graziani

BetOnSports Directors May Have Moved Assets Ahead of Closure
July,05, Hartley Henderson

UFC 86: Preview and Predictions
July,04, Jay Graziani

An Open Letter to the "Toronto Star" Concerning Legalizing Sportsbetting in Casinos
July,04, Hartley Henderson

The Truth about Touts, Part I
June,30, Jay Graziani

The Case for Decrimininalization of Prediction Markets
June,25, Jay Graziani

BetOnSports Liquidators Holding Out on More Submissions for Compensation
June,23, Hartley Henderson

The Complete Square's Guide to Sports Wagering: Correlated Parlays
June,17, Jay Graziani

The Complete Square's Guide to Sports Wagering: Correlated Parlays
June,17, Jay Graziani

An Interview with Jay Lakin on Current Poker Issues
June,11, Hartley Henderson

UFC 85: Preview and Predictions
June,06, Jay Graziani

European Entities Demand a Stop to U.S. Prosecutions of EU Gambling Operators
June,04, Hartley Henderson

The Complete Square's Guide to Sports Wagering: Significance of Win-Loss Records
June,01, Jay Graziani

iMEGA One Year Later
May,28, Hartley Henderson

UFC 84: Preview and Predictions
May,23, Jay Graziani

Keeping Your Offshore Funds Safe
May,20, Jay Graziani

Kyle Busch is a Bettors Dream, and a Bookie's Nightmare
May,16, Hartley Henderson

Racial Bias by NBA Referees: A Potential Handicapping Angle
May,08, Jay Graziani

PETA Exposes its Real Agenda in Call to End Horseracing
May,08, Hartley Henderson

MajorWager Posters' Thoughts on Senator Jon Kyl, R-Ariz.

The Demise of Gambling Message Boards Since UIGEA
May,01, Jay Graziani

UIEGA Showdown: Let's Get Ready For a Rumble
April,29, Hartley Henderson

It May Be Worth Disregarding Polytrack Performances When Handicapping the Derby
April,26, Hartley Henderson

UFC 83: Preview and Predictions
April,17, Jay Graziani

The Complete Square's Guide to Sports Wagering: The Kelly Criterion
April,15, Jay Graziani

Is it Time to Get Rid of the Olympics?
April,13, Hartley Henderson

"Betting Baseball" Worth a Read for Summertime Handicappers
April,08, Jay Graziani

Breaking News: House Service Committee Shows the Folly of the UIGEA
April,02, Hartley Henderson

U.S. Banks Unhappy With UIGEA Regulations
March,31, Hartley Henderson

The Complete Square's Guide to Sports Wagering: Money Management
March,31, Jay Graziani

Quit Foolin' Around - Observations On Minimizing
March,31, Nelson Lardner

Marching to the Madness in Sin City
March,29, Jay Graziani

March Madness, 2008: Its Cause -- and Cure!
March,26, Nelson Lardner

65 Facts about the Madness, 2008
March,19, Jay Graziani

Arrest Facebook March Madness Pool Players - I Dare You!
March,19, Hartley Henderson

Not-So-Easy Money:
March,18, Nelson Lardner

Inside an Illegal Poker Den, circa 2008
March,13, Jay Graziani

NCAA Conference Hoop Tournaments: Easy, Now...
March,12, Nelson Lardner

Setting the Facts Straight About Kahnawake and the AG of Canada
March,07, Hartley Henderson

An Online Update Featuring U. S. Attorney Catherine Hanaway of Missouri
March,05, Nelson Lardner

New Hope for Online Gambling in the U.S.
March,04, Hartley Henderson

UFC 82: Preview and Predictions
March,01, Jay Graziani

Leaving ESPN: The Sean Salisbury Cause Celebre, and Evaluating ESPN's Online Information-Providers -- From A Speculative Perspective
March,01, Nelson Lardner

The Complete Square's Guide to Sports Wagering: Basic Strategies
February,27, Jay Graziani

The Wild, Wild Online World - Peripheral Forums/Blogs Of Potential
February,26, Nelson Lardner

Some Value Plays on the Oscars
February,22, Hartley Henderson

Don't Order Your Funeral Wreath For New York's OTB Just Yet
February,21, Nelson Lardner

Poker Dealt a Big Blow in the UK
February,17, Hartley Henderson

Serenading the Recreational Gambler: Recent Accomplishments and Failures of Offshore Bookies
February,15, Jay Graziani

It's Not Merely The Sharper Lines Which Have Made College Baskets A Challenge
February,13, Nelson Lardner

Calves Killing Butchers - The New York Giants, And (For The Moment) Barack Obama
February,08, Nelson Lardner

Suggestions that Antigua Can't Use its Remedy in Regards to the Intellectual Property Rights are Ridiculous
February,07, Hartley Henderson

Betting on NASCAR 101
February,04, Hartley Henderson

UFC 81: Preview and Predictions
February,01, Jay Graziani

Superbowl XLII: A Technical Handicapping Perspective
January,31, Jay Graziani

Proposing Sports Betting in Atlantic City: We've Seen This Movie Before
January,31, Nelson Lardner

UFC: Room for Improvement in '08
January,31, Jay Graziani

And You Thought Pro Tennis Was Genteel, Rather Than A Coarse Gambling Medium!
January,23, Nelson Lardner

Understanding the UK White List
January,23, Hartley Henderson

UFC 80: Preview and Predictions
January,18, Jay Graziani

Let's Get Real :Sports Wagering - What We'd Like, And What We're Likely To Get: Part II
January,15, Nelson Lardner

Gambling Community Leaning to the Democrats: Part II
January,13, Hartley Henderson

Gambling Community Leaning to the Democrats: Part I
January,12, Hartley Henderson

The Power of Home Field Advantage in the NFL Divisional Playoff Round
January,11, Jay Graziani

Let's Get Real: Sports Wagering -- What We'd Like, vs. What We're Likely To Get - Part I
January,06, Nelson Lardner

Six Stories that Dominated the Online Gambling World in 2007: Part II
January,01, Hartley Henderson

An Offshore Gambling Wish List for 2008
December,31, Jay Graziani

Six Stories that Dominated the Online Gambling World in 2007: Part I
December,31, Hartley Henderson

UFC 79: Preview and Predictions
December,28, Jay Graziani

Hartley Henderson's Letter to the Editor of The Minot Daily News
December,28, Hartley Henderson

Encores of Familiar Horse Racing Refrains Part II
December,23, Nelson Lardner

WTO Decision on Compensation for Antigua is a Disgrace
December,22, Hartley Henderson

Encores of Familiar Horse Racing Refrains Part I
December,21, Nelson Lardner

Examining Some College Bowl Game Wagering Situations
December,21, Jay Graziani

WTO to announce its decision regarding Antigua's claim for compensation tomorrow at 4 PM et
December,20, Hartley Henderson

The Favorite Bias in College Football Bowl Lines
December,18, Jay Graziani

Thinking About "Value" in Handicapping
December,14, Jay Graziani

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is Operating Within the Law in Canada
December,12, Hartley Henderson

Holiday-Season Brainlock Epidemic Among NFL Coaches
December,07, Nelson Lardner

Poker's Downfall Has Been Almost as Meteoric as its Rise
December,04, Jay Graziani

Wayne Allyn Root Feels He is Best Suited to be President of the United States
November,28, Hartley Henderson

The Future of Many U.S. Industries is at Stake in the WTO Dispute
November,20, Hartley Henderson

UFC 78: Preview and Predictions
November,16, Jay Graziani

Patriots Superbowl Mania Presents Opportunity for Futures Bettors
November,11, Jay Graziani

New York's Yankees: The Autumn Of Their Years - 1964 . . . Oh, I Mean: 2007! (Part I)
November,08, Nelson Lardner

Steve Budin Believes He Made the Right Choices
November,01, Hartley Henderson

Alan Dershowitz Explains How Lawyers Will Use A Different Approach for Gary Kaplan's Defense
October,29, Hartley Henderson

Monmouth's Breeders' Cup -- Bring Your Raingear
October,27, Nelson Lardner

For the Future of Online Gambling Absolute Poker Must Satisfy it's Critics
October,22, Hartley Henderson

Foreign Affairs - Updated News/Views Regarding Odd European Sporting Doings
October,22, Nelson Lardner

UFC 77: Preview and Predictions
October,19, Jay Graziani

A Handicapper's Guide to the First Six Weeks of AFC Football, 2007
October,19, Jay Graziani

A Handicapper's Guide to the First Six Weeks of NFC Football, 2007
October,19, Jay Graziani

The Claims for Compensation in the Antigua WTO Case are Reasonable
October,15, Hartley Henderson

Anatomy of a Monday-Nighter - The More Things Change . . .
October,11, Nelson Lardner

Foolin' Around - Financial-Advice Specialists Look At Gambling
October,05, Nelson Lardner

A Mid-Season Reading List for Aspiring Football Handicappers
October,05, Jay Graziani

An Analysis of the UIGEA Regulations
October,05, Hartley Henderson

A Forensic Handicap of the First Round of MLB Playoffs, 2007
October,02, Spraguer

Recreational Gambling Laws State by State: Pennsylvania to Wyoming
September,30, Hartley Henderson

Batting Around The Most-Recent Professional Tennis & Online-Gaming Storylines
September,27, Nelson Lardner

Sports Message Boards and Touts: The Ultimate Love/Hate Relationship
September,24, Nelson Lardner

Recreational Gambling Laws State by State: Minnesota to Oregon
September,24, Hartley Henderson

One Year Later - The State of Sports Gambling in America
September,14, Jay Graziani

"I'm Shocked . . . Shocked . . . " - "Distorted" Form in Sports - Part II
September,13, Nelson Lardner

Online Gambling Laws State by State Idaho to Michigan
September,13, Hartley Henderson

Playing The Football Exchange - What A Good Opinion and Market Savvy Can Yield
September,11, Nelson Lardner

Online Gambling Laws State by State: A-H
September,11, Hartley Henderson

Contrarian Betting Strategy in the NFL, Week 1
September,08, Jay Graziani

"I'm Shocked . . . Shocked . . . " - "Distorted" Form In Sports - Part I
September,08, Nelson Lardner

UFC 75: Preview and Predictions
September,06, Jay Graziani

The Facts About Internet Gambling Laws for the Recreational Bettor
September,05, Hartley Henderson

Looking Back on the First Weekend of College Football, 2007
September,04, Jay Graziani

Wholly Toledo - MAC School's Football-Program Picture Grows Murkier
August,31, Nelson Lardner

Breaking News.... Bodog Judgements, Motions and Summons
August,30, MajorWager.Com

Fight Smart, Or Die Trying - The Neverending Battle For Pointspread Advantage
August,29, Nelson Lardner

NASCAR Ruins the Most Exciting Race on the Circuit
August,29, Hartley Henderson

A Showdown is Looming over Online Gambling
August,28, Hartley Henderson

U. S. Open Tennis (In)Security - Please Focus Light On the Proper Corners, People
August,25, Nelson Lardner

UFC 74: Preview and Predictions
August,24, Jay Graziani

Football Returns - But Trust Us, It Pays To Rein In Early Overanxiety
August,22, Nelson Lardner

How the NHL Deals with Tocchet will Speak Volumes
August,21, Hartley Henderson

Post-UIGEA Wagering: An Analysis of Online Sportsbooks Options for Football Wagering in an Uncertain Climate (Part II)
August,20, David Stalcup

Post-UIGEA Wagering: An Analysis of Online Sportsbooks Options for Football Wagering in an Uncertain Climate (Part I)
August,18, David Stalcup

August,17, Nelson Lardner

Working with Sportsbooks Could Help Weed Out Cheaters... The Proof is There
August,17, Hartley Henderson

Rolling the Dice with Online Lending at (Part II)
August,16, Jay Graziani

Shadows Of Games - Evaluating Some Circumstances, While Awaiting Football . . .
August,11, Nelson Lardner

Rolling the Dice with Online Lending at (Part I)
August,08, Jay Graziani

Wagering Info in the General Interest Press - Here we Go Again
August,03, Nelson Lardner

Like It or Not, Polytrack is Here to Stay
August,03, Hartley Henderson

If the DOJ Wants to Make a Point, They Should Start Arresting the Big Boys
July,31, Hartley Henderson

Breaking News: NETeller Will Announce Withdrawal Plans for Americans on Monday
July,27, Hartley Henderson

Why Must Every Activity Be Regulated?
July,27, Hartley Henderson

Tim Donaghy - By The Numbers
July,27, Nelson Lardner

Tim Donaghy and the NBA: Whaddya Know? When Did'ja Know It?
July,25, Nelson Lardner

Ron Mexico, Why Have You Forsaken Us?
July,25, Jay Graziani

NBA Referee
July,23, Nelson Lardner

Referee Point Fixing Scandal Illustrates Why Online Sports Gambling is Necessary
July,22, Hartley Henderson

"Safe and Secure"? Fine - But Don't Denature Gambling, In The Process (Part II)
July,19, Nelson Lardner

Breaking News: NETeller Forfeits Funds to the USAO to Avoid Criminal Charges
July,18, Hartley Henderson

Give Poor Calvin Ayre a Break Already
July,18, Jay Graziani

"Safe and Secure?" Fine - But Don't Denature Gambling, In The Process
July,17, Nelson Lardner

UIGEA: Where are the Regulations?
July,13, Hartley Henderson

New Fee Structure At Tradesports Causes Confusion
July,11, Jay Graziani

NETeller co-founder John Lefebvre pleads guilty to conspiracy charge
July,10, David Stalcup

At Ease, Men - The All-Star Break, and Its Temporary, Enforced Idleness
July,10, Nelson Lardner

Yabba-Dabba-Don't Jump To Conclusions Re: Barney Frank House Bills
July,08, Nelson Lardner

UFC 73: Preview and Predictions
July,07, Jay Graziani

Connect The Dots, and The Picture Gets Uglier - New Nevada
July,05, Nelson Lardner

NETeller Founder Takes the Coward's Way Out
July,05, Hartley Henderson

Engaging In Dialog Difficult, When Only One Side Sees A Need - The US vs. WTO
July,03, Nelson Lardner

It's Time for America to Take Antigua Seriously
June,30, Hartley Henderson

Around The Horn - What's Going On Around These Parts?
June,28, Nelson Lardner

MLB Interleague - Gone, But Not Forgotten - Lessons Learned . . .
June,26, Nelson Lardner

The (Mis)Education of a Sportsbettor
June,26, Jay Graziani

Canada , Macau and Australia File for Compensation in Antigua WTO Case
June,26, Hartley Henderson

Tradesports Announces New Commission Structure
June,21, David Stalcup

Antigua & EU Ask for Compensation as Deadline Approaches
June,20, Hartley Henderson

Harrah's Horror - The Worst Of The 2007 World Series Of Poker (So Far)
June,20, Nelson Lardner

Harvard Medical School Gambling Study Refutes Many Accepted Beliefs
June,15, Hartley Henderson

UFC 72: Preview and Predictions
June,15, Jay Graziani

The Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative - Too True To Be Good?
June,13, Nelson Lardner

Breaking News: Trade Association Initiates Lawsuit Against the U.S. Government
June,07, Hartley Henderson

Legalizing Online Gambling May Hit Players Where It Hurts The Most: Their Wallets
June,06, Jay Graziani

Sports About Sports - Predicting, By Participants
June,06, Nelson Lardner

Be Careful of NETeller Scams
June,04, Hartley Henderson

Breaking News: House panel sets hearing on Internet gambling

Breaking News: NETeller to return funds to U.S. customers

NETeller Deadline is Approaching
June,03, Hartley Henderson

Breaking News: NETeller Hearing Extended Another 30 Days

Sportsbooks Should Look to Book Transfers to Solve Their Processing Woes
May,31, Jay Graziani

Taking Care of Las Vegas Business - Maximizing Nevada Sports Opportunities
May,30, Nelson Lardner

More Than Meets The Eye? Horse Racing's "Guardian Angels"
May,28, Nelson Lardner

UFC 71: Preview and Predictions
May,26, Jay Graziani

The Indy 500 Is on This Weekend - Who Cares?
May,26, Hartley Henderson

To Hell In A Handbasket - Poker-Room Rake Rates, and Vegas Casino-Hotel
May,24, Nelson Lardner

The Flames Are Spreading - More Niche Groups Rise Up Against UIGEA
May,22, Nelson Lardner

The Stakes Have Been Raised in the Antigua WTO Dispute
May,22, Hartley Henderson

Pay No Attention to the Man in the Bullpen - Clemens, Rivera, and Reality
May,18, Nelson Lardner

Enough With the Excuses
May,13, Hartley Henderson

Focus, People - Pending Industry-Related Legislative Developments
May,10, Nelson Lardner

The Bout to Save Boxing? Think Again
May,08, Jay Graziani

Derby 133 - News Of Racing's Death Is Greatly Exaggerated
May,05, Nelson Lardner

Why is Horse Racing Given Special Status?
May,04, Hartley Henderson

Navigating the Offshore Minefield: Asset Allocation Post-UIGEA
May,01, Jay Graziani

Louisville Greets Tens of Thousands of Kentucky Derby-Bound Visitors . . .
May,01, Nelson Lardner

Stillborn - The Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act of 2007
April,29, Nelson Lardner

Barney Frank's Proposal is A Big Letdown
April,26, Hartley Henderson

Frank Talk - The Representative From Massachusetts Is Primed To Go Off, Regarding The UIGEA
April,26, Nelson Lardner

Finally, Some Common Sense on Capitol Hill
April,26, Hartley Henderson

Sign a Petition to Repeal the UIGEA

The State of Major League Umpiring - The Obvious, and the Obviously-Wrong
April,24, Nelson Lardner

Toledo Football, Scooter . . . Smoke? Yes! Fire? Not Yet . . .
April,22, Nelson Lardner

UFC 70: Preview and Predictions
April,20, Jay Graziani

Americans Need to Embrace Betting Exchanges as the Preferred Way to Bet-Part II
April,19, David Stalcup

NETeller Trial Continued Once Again
April,18, Hartley Henderson

The Horse Racing Industry Should Support Repeal of UIGEA
April,18, Jay Graziani

Addressing the Stated Gambling Concerns Part 2 - Underage and Problem Gambling
April,16, Hartley Henderson

Thimblerigging and Double-Shuffling at Vegas (and Other) Sports Books
April,16, Nelson Lardner

Americans Need to Embrace Betting Exchanges as the Preferred Way to Bet-Part I
April,12, David Stalcup

Baby, It's Cold Outside - Evaluating '07's Outdoor Baseball
April,11, Nelson Lardner

NASCAR: If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It
April,09, Hartley Henderson

UFC 69: Preview and Predictions
April,06, Jay Graziani

Why is NETeller Leaving Canada?
April,06, Hartley Henderson

Evaluating Those Bearing Gifts - Sizing Up Proffered Sporting Opinions
April,05, Nelson Lardner

Year of the Gator?
April,03, Jay Graziani

WTO Ruling: The U.S. Lost Again. Now What
April,01, Hartley Henderson

BetOnSports founder Gary Kaplan apprehended in Dominican Republic

They're Back, Back, Back - Base(ball) Instincts - 2007
March,30, Nelson Lardner

WTO Decides against the US
March,30, MajorWager.Com

Kyl-ing Us Softly, With His Song (And Dance): Hypocrisy In Gaming Legislation
March,29, Nelson Lardner

The Ontario Government is Clueless
March,29, Hartley Henderson

Poker Exemption to UIGEA May Not Serve Interests Of Sports Gambling Industry
March,27, Jay Graziani

The Instant-Reaction Market . . . Be Quick - Or You're Dead
March,26, Nelson Lardner

NETELLER Leaving Canadians High and Dry
March,26, Russ Hawkins

Antigua looks to Strengthen It's Regulatory System
March,25, Hartley Henderson

Surviving March Madness In Vegas - Part II
March,22, Nelson Lardner

Payback at What Cost? A Look at the Latest NETeller Situation
March,21, Hartley Henderson

Sportingbet Reaches Resolution with State of Louisiana

Neteller to pay notify US customers in 75 days
March,21, MajorWager.Com

Barney Frank as Online Gambling's Knight in Shining Armor? Probably Not
March,20, Jay Graziani

NETeller Customer Coalition Looking at Legal Action as Early as This Week
March,19, Hartley Henderson

The . . . Wheels . . . Of . . . Fortune . . . Grind . . . Slowly -- Near-Term Offshore Recovery Hopes Premature
March,18, Nelson Lardner

News Flash: NETeller Hearing Held Over Until April 16th
March,16, Hartley Henderson

Surviving March Madness In Vegas - Part I
March,16, Nelson Lardner

Addressing the Stated Gambling Concerns - Legitimacy of Games and Operators
March,15, Hartley Henderson

March,14, David Stalcup

Duke's Media Fog Machine Can't Obscure Current Realities
March,11, Nelson Lardner

Beware of Handicapping Marketers in Midst of March Madness
March,09, S. H. Austin

What Does Online Gambling Have to Do with Terrorism?
March,07, Hartley Henderson

Controversial, Blasphemous Tips for Handicapping March Hoops
March,06, S. H. Austin

Checks drawn on US banks are very quickly going to become a thing of the past
March,06, The Major

Girding For The Rough Road Ahead -- National Gaming Reform
March,05, Nelson Lardner

Is the NETeller Money Gone?
March,04, Hartley Henderson

Big Game Analysis: Duke vs. North Carolina
March,02, S. H. Austin

UFC 68: Preview and Prognostication
March,01, Jay Graziani

Movers and Shakers - Anticipating Line Movements -- Part III
February,28, Nelson Lardner

Online Gambling Prohibition: Lessons From the 'War on Drugs'
February,28, Jay Graziani

Since 2003 Antigua Has Done Everything Right
February,27, Hartley Henderson

Tuesday Tourney Previews, Picks as March Madness Arrives Early
February,27, S. H. Austin

Movers and Shakers - Anticipating Line Movements -- Part II
February,26, Nelson Lardner

Movers and Shakers - Anticipating Line Adjustments - Part I
February,24, Nelson Lardner

Big Game Analysis: Ohio State vs. Wisconsin
February,24, S. H. Austin

I'm Just The Piano Player In The Bordello
February,22, Nelson Lardner

eBay's Strange Policies
February,22, Hartley Henderson

Risk Versus Reward in the New Offshore Gambling Climate
February,21, Jay Graziani

Elite Seedings Virtually Set A Month Before The Big Dance
February,20, S. H. Austin

Sociology 101: Las Vegas, the NBA and Its All-Star Game
February,20, Nelson Lardner

The Price of Everything - Offshore Vig Levels, Post-Pinnacle
February,17, Nelson Lardner

Bracket Buster Weekend is a SCAM!
February,16, S. H. Austin

NETeller's Actions Have Been Deplorable
February,15, Hartley Henderson

Will Butler Do it? Can Braves Keep Covering First Halves?
February,13, S. H. Austin

Mixed Martial Arts: The Next Big Sports Craze in America?
February,12, Jay Graziani

Solving The Duke Mystery
February,09, S. H. Austin

Super Bowl XLI - What We've Learned
February,08, Nelson Lardner

Canada & the European Union Should Get Involved in the Antigua Case
February,06, Hartley Henderson

Was Manning or Grossman the "Real" MVP for Indy?
February,06, S. H. Austin

A Peyton Manning Coronation? Spare Me!
February,04, Nelson Lardner

A Few Superbowl Proposition Wagers Worthy of Consideration
February,04, Jay Graziani

The Dog Will Win Outright, "I Guarantee it"
February,03, S. H. Austin

NFL Says 'No' To Church Superbowl Party
February,02, Hartley Henderson

Breaking Down Alternate Point Spreads for Superbowl XLI
February,01, Jay Graziani

NETeller Trying to Work Out a Deal with the U.S. Department of Justice
January,31, Hartley Henderson

Quality Teams Often Get Their Revenge In College Hoops
January,31, S.H. Austin

Please Observe Posted Super Bowl Speed Limits
January,30, Nelson Lardner

Revolutionary New Approach Turns Losers into Winners!
January,26, S.H. Austin

The NETeller Arrests are a Double Standard
January,26, Hartley Henderson

Rushing the NFL's Silly Season
January,26, Nelson Lardner

New, Under The Sun - Gulfstream Park, '07
January,24, Nelson Lardner

WTO Ruling on Antigua Due Out Soon
January,24, Hartley Henderson

Be on the Lookout for Course Changes or Perfect Storms
January,23, S.H. Austin

AFC/NFC Championship Preview
January,20, Jay Graziani

Offshore Money Transfer: Alternatives to Neteller
January,19, Jay Graziani

Tom Brady Is Turning Into Brett Favre!
January,19, S.H. Austin

Atlantic City Sports "Action": Don't Hold Your Breath
January,17, Nelson Lardner

So You're Considering Moving to Canada, Eh?
January,17, Hartley Henderson

Will "Clutch" Ability Foreshadow NFL Winners?
January,17, S.H. Austin

US Complaint against John Lefebvre, Neteller Founder
January,16, Russ Hawkins

US Governments Complaint against Stephen Lawrence, Neteller Founder
January,16, Russ Hawkins

Arrest warrants and Charges against the Neteller Founders
January,16, Russ Hawkins

Neteller founders likely detained by the US Dept of Justice
January,16, Russ Hawkins

Neteller halts trading on the AIM
January,16, Russ Hawkins

January,12, Nelson Lardner

Do you remember where you were when Pinnacle shut its doors to U.S. customers?
January,12, Jay Graziani

Pinnacle's Closure is a Blow to U.S. Bettors, but There are Other Options
January,11, Hartley Henderson

Predictions are Futile Amidst Offshore Fallout
January,11, S.H. Austin

Pinnacle Sports to Shut Down its U.S. Customer Base
January,11, David Stalcup, Editor-in-chief

Uncovered! Hidden Stat Combo Hits 78% in Bowls!
January,10, S.H. Austin

Team MajorWager Takes First in the Third Annual Majorwager/Pinnacle College Football Bowl Contest
January,09, David Stalcup, Editor-in-chief

Now What? Nick Saban: Causes -- and Effects
January,09, Nelson Lardner

Looking for Value at The Golden Globes
January,08, Hartley Henderson

Basic Handicapping, Part I: Fundamentals
January,08, Jay Graziani

Major Wager Bowl Preview Series: BCS Championship Game (Bowl #32)
January,07, S.H. Austin

Why The BCS is a Failure For Sports Fans
January,05, Jay Graziani

Plenty of Notre (Sh)ame, To Go Around
January,05, Nelson Lardner

It's Not the Software Stupid, It's You!
January,04, Hartley Henderson

Philadelphia Park - It Ain't Hay - Riding The Racino Wave
January,04, Nelson Lardner

Major Wager Bowl Preview Series: GMAC Bowl (Bowl #31)
January,04, S.H. Austin

Major Wager Bowl Preview Series: International Bowl (Bowl #30)
January,02, S.H. Austin

Major Wager Bowl Preview Series: Sugar Bowl (Bowl #29)
December,31, S.H. Austin

Major Wager Bowl Preview Series: Orange Bowl (Bowl #28)
December,31, S.H. Austin

Tiger Woods Has Changed the Dynamics of Golf Betting
December,30, Hartley Henderson

Easy Game - Why Am I Getting Killed?
December,30, Nelson Lardner

Major Wager Bowl Preview Series: Fiesta Bowl (Bowl #27)
December,30, S.H. Austin

Major Wager Bowl Preview Series: Rose Bowl (Bowl #26)
December,30, S.H. Austin

Major Wager Bowl Preview Series: Capital One Bowl (Bowl #25)
December,30, S.H. Austin

Major Wager Bowl Preview Series: Gator Bowl (Bowl #24)
December,30, S.H. Austin

Major Wager Bowl Preview Series: Cotton Bowl (Bowl #23)
December,30, S.H. Austin

Major Wager Bowl Preview Series: Outback Bowl (Bowl #22)
December,30, S.H. Austin

Gary Barnett's On The Beach - No Kidding! (Part II)
December,28, Nelson Lardner

Major Wager Bowl Preview Series: MPC Computers Bowl (Bowl #21)
December,28, S.H. Austin

Gary Barnett's On The Beach? No Kidding! - Part I
December,27, Nelson Lardner

2006 Online Gambling Industry Year in Review
December,27, Hartley Henderson

Major Wager Bowl Preview Series: Peach Bowl (Bowl #20)
December,27, S.H. Austin

Major Wager Bowl Preview Series: Alamo Bowl (Bowl #19)
December,27, S.H. Austin

Major Wager Bowl Preview Series: Meineke Car Care Bowl (Bowl #18)
December,27, S.H. Austin

Major Wager Bowl Preview Series: Champs Sports Bowl (Bowl #17)
December,26, S.H. Austin

Major Wager Bowl Preview Series: Insight Bowl (Bowl #16)
December,26, S.H. Austin

Major Wager Bowl Preview Series: Liberty Bowl (Bowl #15)
December,26, S.H. Austin

Major Wager Bowl Preview Series: Sun Bowl (Bowl #14)
December,26, S.H. Austin

Major Wager Bowl Preview Series: Music City Bowl (Bowl #13)
December,26, S.H. Austin

Major Wager Bowl Preview Series: Texas Bowl (Bowl #12)
December,22, S.H. Austin

Major Wager Bowl Preview Series: Holiday Bowl (Bowl #11)
December,22, S.H. Austin

Major Wager Bowl Preview Series: Independence Bowl (Bowl #10)
December,22, S.H. Austin

Situational Analysis - Precision Data-Mining and Modern Football (Part II)
December,21, Nelson Lardner

Major Wager Bowl Preview Series: Emerald Bowl (Bowl #9)
December,21, S.H. Austin

Major Wager Bowl Preview Series: Motor City Bowl (Bowl #8)
December,19, S.H. Austin

Is Regulation for Online Gambling Imminent?
December,18, Hartley Henderson

Major Wager Bowl Preview Series: Hawaii Bowl (Bowl #7)
December,18, S.H. Austin

Major Wager Bowl Preview Series: Armed Forces Bowl (Bowl #6)
December,18, S.H. Austin

Situational Analysis - Precision Data-Mining and Modern Football Handicapping (Part I)
December,18, Nelson Lardner

Major Wager Bowl Preview Series: New Mexico Bowl (Bowl #5)
December,17, S.H. Austin

Major Wager Bowl Preview Series: Papa John's Bowl (Bowl #4)
December,17, S.H. Austin

Major Wager Bowl Preview Series: New Orleans Bowl (Bowl #3)
December,16, S.H. Austin

Major Wager Bowl Preview Series: Las Vegas Bowl (Bowl #2)
December,15, S.H. Austin

Major Wager Bowl Preview Series: Poinsettia Bowl (Bowl #1)
December,13, S.H. Austin

One Damn Thing After Another - Adapting Your Handicapping To Change
December,13, Nelson Lardner

Handicappers Must Know When Teams Are 'Milton Berle-ing' It
December,11, S.H. Austin

Time to Handicap the Academy Awards (Part 3 - Best Actor)
December,10, Hartley Henderson

Time to Handicap the Academy Awards (Part 2 - Best Actress)
December,10, Hartley Henderson Bowl Analysis and Discussion

Time to Handicap the Academy Awards (Part 1 - Best Picture)
December,09, Hartley Henderson

Looking Back at the College Football Crystal Balls
December,09, S.H. Austin

More Heisman Hi-Jinks - and Early Bowl Scraps
December,09, Nelson Lardner

Where Do We Go From Here? An Overview of the Current State of Offshore Gambling and the Direction It's Heading
December,06, David Stalcup, Editor-in-chief

Why is American Politics Based on Religion? (Part 2)
December,05, Hartley Henderson

Ah-#One, An' Ah-#Two . . . BCS Blowoff
December,04, Nelson Lardner

Third Annual College Bowl contest details
December,04, MajorWager.Com

Odds on Liberal Leadership Race Keep Changing
December,01, Hartley Henderson

MW/Pinnacle Third Annual Bowl Contest!
December,01, Editor-in-chief

Why is American Politics Based on Religion?
November,30, Hartley Henderson

Lovely Parting Gifts for College Football Coaches - and 'Players'
November,29, Nelson Lardner

Bodog takes over Bowmans US facing business
November,28, Russ Hawkins

Just Desserts for Good and Bad Turkeys - Seasonal Thanks
November,26, Nelson Lardner

Winning on Horses at the Betting Exchanges
November,25, Hartley Henderson

Official Word From Harrah's - No Online poker WSOP Registrations
November,25, MajorWager.Com

You Come Out For The Lines: Part Two -- The Weekend
November,22, Nelson Lardner

I'm Partially to Blame for the Start of the Reality TV Betting Craze
November,22, Hartley Henderson

You Come Out For The Lines -- Vegas -- Part One
November,22, Nelson Lardner

Timing I$ Everything
November,17, Nelson Lardner

There May Be Value Betting Against Jimmie Johnson for the Championship
November,17, Hartley Henderson

NYC Bookmaking arrests, Names and Charges from the Queens County DA's office
November,15, Russ Hawkins

BoDog hands WWTS' Canadian business to Bowmans.Com
November,15, Russ Hawkins

WWTS completion of sale to Bodog Entertainment to be finalized today
November,15, Russ Hawkins

MajorWager is Listed on Google News
November,14, David Stalcup

It's Time for the Ontario Government to Get Out of the Sports Betting Business
November,14, Hartley Henderson

College Football Enters Its Critical Phase
November,14, Nelson Lardner

Goodbye Congressmen Leach, and Good Riddance
November,09, Hartley Henderson

Money Drives Politics -- In More Ways Than One
November,06, Nelson Lardner

Can Online Poker Save the Online Gaming Industry in America?
November,05, Hartley Henderson

Racing -- As Always -- For The Cash
November,04, Nelson Lardner

Stay Away from European Turf Favourites and Limit Western Based Horses in the Breeder's Cup at Churchill Downs
November,01, Hartley Henderson

Sooner than later - times nearly up for Neteller
October,31, Russ Hawkins

Polytrack - Whys and Wherefores
October,29, Nelson Lardner

The Grand Prix of Watkins Glen?
October,29, Hartley Henderson Announces National Radio Appearance by Russ Hawkins
October,28, MajorWager.Com

The Smart Money is on Matt Kenseth to Win the Nextel Cup Championship
October,26, Hartley Henderson

Business As Usual at the World Serious
October,24, Nelson Lardner

It?s Déjà vu All Over Again
October,24, Hartley Henderson

Waiting for Lefty
October,22, Nelson Lardner

Pride Fighting Championships Invades America, First ever US show
October,21, Joey Oddessa

An open Letter to the Editor for all Canadian Media Companies.
October,21, Russ Hawkins

WWTS/BODOG deal, a snake oil salesmans dream come true?
October,21, Russ Hawkins

Polytrack In The Bluegrass
October,20, Nelson Lardner

Ontario Liberals toying with Protectionism in the Online Gaming sector
October,20, Hartley Henderson

The Governments are Going after the Wrong Gambling Vices
October,17, Hartley Henderson

Neteller's bank accounts at Barclays rumoured to be shut down if Bush signs
October,04, MajorWager.Com

Goodlatte's home state Virginia deciding to implement betting on
September,20, MajorWager.Com

Don't hold you breath with BetonSports
September,20, MajorWager.Com

Online betting sites prepare for squeeze
September,08, John Barr

Possibly warrants issues for more Sportingbet Directors
September,07, The Major

Sportingbet PLC Chairman detained in US
September,07, The Major

Phone numbers to reach Bet on Sports, Millenium and MVP
August,16, The Major

Learn how to Bet on Sports
August,15, The Major

How many closures can the online gaming industry handle?
August,15, MajorWager.Com

My opinion, in regards to the Internet Gambling legislation that is making its way towards the senate
July,12, Russ Hawkins

Do not deposit at Bet4Aces
July,05, MajorWager.Com

Solution for Real-time Event Wagering

Bet on the World's Most Dangerous Man

June,08, Lawrence Prezman

High scoring games; Are the balls juiced?
April,20, Blogguy

NFL EUROPE THRU WEEK 4 (With Week 5 Previews)
April,12, Blogguy

MW Exclusive, Kevin King joins
March,30, MajorWager.Com

Pinnacle Pulse
March,30, Simon Noble

Notes on "Synergy" in the NBA
March,29, Blogguy

Rumours abound in regards top Nigel Payne of SBT prove to be just that, rumours
February,28, The Major

Words of wisdom from a MajorWager Poster about selecting sportsbooks
February,15, The Major

Royal on the coals yet again. This time by Weitzner, disgruntled ex CEO of the RX
February,14, The Major

Alan Boston comments in the sports forums about his attack

How to Pick a Sportsbook

January,07, The Major

The Pinnacle Pulse
December,22, Simon Noble

Online Casino `Watchdogs` Sometimes Have Conflicts
December,15, David Kesmodel- Wall Street Journal Online

Wall Street Journal pulls the sheets back on the watchdogs.
December,11, Russ Hawkins

The Inside Line From
December,07, Simon Noble

Online Sportsbooks are taking it in the Jaw
December,05, Russ Hawkins

Pinnacle Pulse :The inside line from
November,16, Simon Noble

Spiros, owner of Olympic
November,13, MajorWager.Com

Sportsbooks take it in the Jaw....Again
November,07, MajorWager.Com

We Have Been Busy At MajorWager!
September,29, Minnow

MajorWager Launches Internet`s first interactive Sportsbook Rating and Review system
September,27, Russ Hawkins

MajorWager will be launching the first interactive Sportsbook Rating system
September,16, Russ Hawkins

Transcript of chat with Matchbook Wednesday Sept 14 2005
September,15, Russ Hawkins

Joey Oddessa is next weeks guest at MajorWager
September,15, Russ Hawkins

Co- founder of MajorWager
September,15, The Major

Matchbook. com will be hosting a live chat
September,08, Russ Hawkins

MajorWager urges everyone take a few minutes and donate to the Red Cross
August,30, Russ Hawkins

MajorWager will protect your money at Sportsbooks we recommend.
August,21, MajorWager.Com

BCN dispute resolution and analysis
August,05, Russ Hawkins

Poker Bots: (part 2 of 2) How to Crush the Robots
July,06, Dr. Java

Poker Bots (part 1 of 2): How to Avoid Detection
June,30, Dr. Java

Counter-Attacking DDOS Zombies
June,23, Dr. Java

How to Compute Teaser Odds/Hold Percentage.
June,16, Dr. Java

Have You Been Hacked?: A Poor Man`s Approach
June,09, Dr. Java

Browser Tabs: Web Weenie to Web Wizard
June,02, Dr. Java

Has the law has caught up with Joey C, Chuck Garber??
May,25, MajorWager.Com

The old MajorWager versus the new Major Wager
May,01, Russ Hawkins

Pinnacle Sportsbooks hires big gun
April,25, Russ Hawkins

April,07, The Major

April,07, Russ Hawkins

Antigua looking to clean up its back yard
April,04, Russ Hawkins

WARNING: Dimebetting, a sportsbook located in Costa Rica
March,26, Russ Hawkins

MajorWager`s CEO, Russ Hawkins, changes gears and takes on the Nuclear Industry
March,17, MajorWager.Com

Olympic buying Wagerstreet rumours
March,16, Russ Hawkins

Warning: English Sports Betting online sportsbook
March,12, Russ Hawkins

Intertops clears up bump in the road
March,10, Russ Hawkins

Industry Giant betCRIS to take over Hollywood
March,10, Russ Hawkins

Intertops Sportsbook having Financial Troubles
March,08, Russ Hawkins

Antigua poised to argue at WTO meeting in Geneva
February,16, Russ Hawkins

Online Sportsbooks nervous until the end.
February,07, MajorWager.Com

Russ Hawkins, President of MajorWager.Com interviewed by MSNBC`s Mike Brunker
February,02, MajorWager.Com

Government of Panama poised to steal over 400k from defunct sportsbook players
January,25, Russ Hawkins

Government of Panama and Cybergaming steal players funds
January,13, Russ Hawkins

CES Software pays US$40M cash, plus stock, for online info firm Don Best Sports
January,05, Russ Hawkins

Pinnacle Sportsbook offering odds on $32,000 first annual MajorWager College Bowl Contest
December,22, Russ Hawkins

December,22, Russ Hawkins

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from MajorWager
December,19, Russ Hawkins

First annual MajorWager College Bowl contest turns out to be a success
December,18, MajorWager.Com continues to grow
December,16, MajorWager.Com

Changeabet better known as stiffabet
November,30, Russ Hawkins

Offshore gambling and the morality of it all
November,29, Russ Hawkins

BetonSports loses large
November,25, MajorWager.Com

PrepaidATM update
November,25, MajorWager.Com

Players win big on a Sunday most BM`s would like to forget
November,24, MajorWager.Com

Neteller founder`s sell large stake in company
November,18, MajorWager.Com

Questions arise in regards to PrePaidATM Merchants ability to collect
November,18, MajorWager.Com

Just a reminder, MajorWager is the only site on the net that personally guarantees your money for books we advertise
November,15, MajorWager.Com

Fernando back at Hollywood
November,10, MajorWager.Com

Neteller is bigger and better
November,10, MajorWager.Com

Lead Attorney representing Antigua in their WTO case against the USA is posting in MW forums in regards to decision
November,10, MajorWager.Com

November,09, MajorWager.Com

Antigua: Governments criticized for talks with USA on Internet gambling dispute
November,08, MajorWager.Com

Done deal
November,04, MajorWager.Com

Roller coaster ride - betting on the election
November,03, MajorWager.Com

Official Statement from Neteller
November,03, MajorWager.Com

PlayASAP update
November,03, MajorWager.Com

Update on the PlayASAP situation
November,01, MajorWager.Com

Temporary Neteller warning DO NOT DEPOSIT WITH NETELLER
November,01, MajorWager.Com

A MW reader asks about currency exchange as it relates to playing offshore, our resident expert replies
October,30, MajorWager.Com

Never a good thing when checks bounce
October,29, MajorWager.Com

Rumors are that CRIS will be bailing out ASAP
October,27, MajorWager.Com

PlayAsap losing key staff
October,21, MajorWager.Com

MajorWager will be launching a very agressive ad campaign over the next 2 weeks
October,19, MajorWager.Com

October,14, MajorWager.Com

<> Live chat with WWTS scheduled Tues, Oct 12, 9PM et.
October,07, MajorWager.Com

Betmaker clarification
September,27, MajorWager.Com

SBR "house of cards" starting to fall apart
September,26, MajorWager.Com

Complaints received Week Sept 13-19
September,21, MajorWager.Com

Ewinner closes doors and takes the loot
September,21, MajorWager.Com

Long time Bookmaker "Fernando" leaves Hollywood Sportsbook
September,21, MajorWager.Com

Oklahoma Sportsbetting warning
September,18, MajorWager.Com

Mybookie , Betcom , and Sportsbook911 hire legendary Bookmaker
September,13, MajorWager.Com

Update from Hurricane stricken Olympic Sports
September,13, MajorWager.Com

Hurricane Ivan sets sights on Jamaica
September,10, MajorWager.Com

Royal Sports call center closed for hurricane Ivan
September,08, MajorWager.Com

Dalton Wagners MVP Group sold to infamous BetonSports (Nasa)?
September,08, MajorWager.Com

Rumors abound about an upcoming "disastor and doom" for this industry
September,07, MajorWager.Com

Bluegrass woes continue
September,07, MajorWager.Com

internet1x2 formally Yahoops gets shut down
September,06, MajorWager.Com

WWTS brings back Jessica Davis as COO
August,29, MajorWager.Com

Olympic will not be relocating to Panama at this time
August,29, MajorWager.Com

Dimeplayer agrees to pay
August,24, MajorWager.Com

Connection between Dimeplayer and The Dominant Sportsbook
August,18, The Major

Olympic SportsBook gets an injuction against BGLC
August,17, The Major

WWTS versus the Sportsbook Owners that beard into them via agents
August,16, MajorWager.Com

Legendz Sportsbook , located in Panama may be the key to success
August,10, MajorWager.Com

Denmark, Denmark, Denmark....Ban them All!!!!!!, Baby and Bath Water
August,09, MajorWager.Com

Affiliate/Commission site that takes money for losses admits to supporting bonus scams
August,09, MajorWager.Com

Out with the Old in with the New
August,08, MajorWager.Com

IAS, better known as BetAustrailia, takes over Canbet operations
August,08, MajorWager.Com

Olympic secures gaming license in Antigua
August,06, MajorWager.Com

MajorWager will be providing NFL team previews for the upcoming season
August,05, MajorWager.Com

SBR continues to slay BetRoyal, agenda? We will let you decide
August,04, MajorWager.Com

Are you looking for a NETELLER alternative?
August,03, MajorWager.Com

With Football around the corner, now is a good time for all the Newbies to read the MajorWager Betting Bible
August,03, MajorWager.Com

WARNING: sportsbooks that run head shops
August,03, MajorWager.Com

MajorWager one step closer to setting up a bailout plan
July,31, MajorWager.Com

Sportsbook advisory: BetCSI
July,27, MajorWager.Com

Olympic Sportsbook will be fighting the charges
July,27, MajorWager.Com

Panamanian investor Ricardo Chen rumoured to be out of cash
July,26, MajorWager.Com

Infamous poster Patrick McIrish still posting
July,26, MajorWager.Com

New Kyl bill expected to be voted on in August, Jay Cohen leads the fight
July,22, The Major

Panamanian Government continues to miss Deadlines
July,22, The Major

Betpanam account bailouts
July,20, The Major

New CC processing company ready to debut in the next few days, SolidPay.Com
July,20, MajorWager.Com

Marty Monroe still "redirecting" BetPanam customers
July,17, MajorWager.Com

SBR, useless as tits on a bull?
July,15, MajorWager.Com

Marketing Director of Betpanam, Marty Monroe, says he can be reached at Legendz starting next week
July,14, MajorWager.Com

MajorWager.Com hosts the first live Chat with Jay Cohen since his release
July,13, MajorWager.Com

MajorWager withdraws from MajorWager`s brainchild Meeting
July,12, The Major

Legendz Sportsbook and Best Line, both located in Panama are taking over accounts
July,12, MajorWager.Com

Jay Cohen, founder of WSEX
July,11, MajorWager.Com

Meeting of Industry Leaders may not get off the Ground
July,09, MajorWager.Com

Panama update
July,08, MajorWager.Com

Bluegrass relocating to the Casablanca premises
July,07, MajorWager.Com

Cascade gets the Financial Backing of an Industry Icon
July,06, MajorWager.Com

Olympic not going to Panama?
July,05, MajorWager.Com

Announcement regarding Cascade coming in the morning.
July,05, MajorWager.Com

MajorWager Takes the Lead in an "Industry" Meeting
July,04, MajorWager.Com

Mac ex CRIS Bookmaker, off to Bluegrass
July,04, MajorWager.Com

Tournament of Surprises?
July,01, Drunken Goon

Mister Jackass, Meet Mister Milquetoast
March,10,`s RinkRat

Killing A Career Before It Begins
January,31, Rink Rat

Jimmy Jumps Into Action
January,24,`s RinkRat

Jimmy Jumps Into Action
January,24,`s RinkRat

Washington Capitals Are Dumping Players - Big Surprise
January,24,`s RinkRat

Get Into the Game with Nigel Ridgway
January,23, Nigel Ridgway

Taking a Stroll Down Drury Lane
January,13, Bookiekiller`s Rink Rat

Get In The Game - with Nigel Ridgway of bet365 *US Edition*
January,09, Rinkrat

The 28th-annual World Junior Hockey Tournament..
January,07,`s Johnny Canuck

Vancouver Canucks Reprising The Goon Show
January,06, Rink Rat

December,23, Bookiekiller`s "Rinkrat"

Get In The Game - Bet365 *US Edition*
December,19, Nigel Ridgway

He`s Good But Unlikely To Be Spectacular
December,16, Bookiekiller`s Rinkrat

December,11, Nigel Ridgway

Get in the game
December,08, Nigel Ridgway

No Longer the Magnificent One, But the Expedient One
December,02, Bookiekiller`s Rinkrat

Scott Hartnell Missed the Point
November,29, Statman

Get In The Game
November,27, Nigel Ridgway

Get in the game
November,21, Nigel Ridgway

The NHL`s Worst Complainers
November,19, Statman

Another Two Solitudes - (hockey article)
November,19, Johnny Canuck

Get In The Game
November,17, Nigel Ridgway

Get In The Game - Bet365 *US Edition*
October,24, Nigel Ridgway

Western Conference Also-rans
October,09, Ron "Rink Rat" Steel

Eastern Conference Also Rans
October,09, Ron "Rink Rat" Steel

Eastern Conference Preview, Part II
October,08, Ron "Rink Rat" Steel

Western Conference Preview
October,08, Ron "Rink Rat" Steel

Maximize your profits with NFL Teasers
September,15, Tony George

September,04, Jimmy Vaccaro

NCAA analysis and opinion from
August,21, Steve Zukiel

Great Football Promotion!!
August,14, MW Marketing

Tony George breaks down the Phoenix Cardinals
August,05, Tony George

The AFC South in 2003
August,01, Tony George

Tony George Looks at the AFC North & East
July,23, Tony George

Tony George Looks at the AFC North & East
July,23, Tony George

My Thoughts On The Recent Casablanca Controversy
July,08, The Philosopher

Major League Baseball Rankings
June,30, Jerry Butler

NTRA Ratings
June,23, Jim Gluckson

2003 CFL PREVIEW - Western Division
June,18, Randall The Handle

June,08, MajorStats.Com

Major League Baseball Rankings
May,12, Jerry Butler

May,08, Courtesy of NTRA

Major League Baseball Rankings
May,05, Jerry Butler

Kentucky Derby Write Ups & Selections
May,02, Keith Glantz

April,24, Courtesy of NTRA

Major League Baseball Rankings
April,21, Jerry Butler

April,08, "Easy" Al Monte

NHL Rankings for March 31, 2003
March,31, Jerry Butler

March,28, "Easy" Al Monte

NHL Rankings for March 24, 03
March,24, Jerry Butler

Spring Has Sprung and there`s a Bracket in my Attic
March,18, Paddy McCarthy

March,18, "Easy" Al Monte

NHL Rankings
March,17, Jerry Butler

Bottom of the ninth, two out. Full count...
March,16, Paddy McCarthy

March,11, "Easy" Al Monte

NHL Rankings
March,10, Jerry Butler

March,06, Courtesy of NTRA

March,04, "Easy" Al Monte

NHL Rankings
March,03, Jerry Butler

February,28, "Easy" Al Monte

February,27, Courtesy of NTRA

I Strongly Recommend Avoiding Infinity
February,25, The Philosopher

February,25, "Easy" Al Monte

NHL Rankings
February,24, Jerry Butler

In Defense of Bonus Whores
February,19, The Philosopher

February,18, "Easy" Al Monte

February,17, "Easy" Al Monte

NHL Rankings
February,17, Jerry Butler

February,14, "Easy" Al Monte

February,12, "Easy" Al Monte

February,08, "Easy" Al Monte

February,07, Courtesy of NTRA

February,05, .Easy. Al Monte

January,30, NTRA Comm.

January,23, "Easy" Al Monte

January,20, "Easy" Al Monte

NHL Rankings for January 20, 2003
January,20, Jerry Butler

January,17, "Easy" Al Monte

January,16, courtesy of NTRA

January,16, "Easy" Al Monte

NHL - A Mid-Term Report Card
January,13, Rink Rat

NHL Rankings for January 13
January,13, Jerry Butler

Vegas Musings
January,12, The Philosopher

January,11, .Easy. Al Monte

January,09, NTRA Communications

January,09, "Easy" Al Monte

The end for AFC wildcard winners
January,07, Simon Milham, columnist

Rocket arm, but no Rocky
January,07, Simon Milham, columnist

NHL Rankings
January,06, Jerry Butler

Where the Buck Stops
January,03, Buck Churchill

NHL Rankings
December,31, Jerry Butler

December,17, McGee -`s NBA Guru

NHL Rankings
December,16, Jerry Butler

NHL Rankings
December,10, Jerry Butler

NHL Write-Up
December,09, Rink Rat

NHL Rankings December 2, 2002
December,02, Jerry Butler

NHL Rankings November 25, 2002
November,26, Jerry Butler

The Lions +5.5 gets the tentative call
November,25, Simon Milham

Betting Odds on Athlete of the Year, As Awarded by Sports Illustrated
November,23, David Scott

Stardust Invitational Handicapping Tournament
November,23, Buzz Daly

Bills to halt Jets. roll
November,21, Simon Milham

Sports & Gaming News
November,21, Kevin O.Neill

49ers overrated?, Oakland to bounce!
October,29, Simon Milham

October,24, Buck Churchill

Sports & Gaming News
October,24, Kevin O.Neill

October,09, David Scott

WSEX & Machiavelli
August,24, J on Booking & Betting

Re: We Need More Writers
August,05, J on Booking & Betting

Gather `Round Everybody, The Philosopher`s Got Something to Say
August,01, The Philosopher

My Lunch with The Major
July,20, The Philosopher

Bettor Racing OTB
July,01, J on Booking & Betting

The Heritage of Customer Service
May,01, J on Booking & Betting

MajorWager, Me, and You
April,03, J on Booking & Betting

Oh The Games People Play Now...
March,03, The Philosopher

The Time Has Come, the Walrus said, to Talk of Many Things
March,01, The Philosopher

Are we too mean to the Bookies??
March,01, The Philosopher

Scenes from a bookie resaurant.
March,01, The Philosopher

Rescue Plan for Aces Gold Customers: A Proposal
March,01, The Philosopher

Pariaction, inside out
February,28, J on Booking & Betting

Doug`s Horizon
February,28, J on Booking & Betting

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