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06. What are some good sources of information for handicapping purposes and for sportsbetting in general?

For soccer betting information, I go to For handicapping information online, I go to and and search their soccer forums.

For football betting, I read all the sports sites:,,,, then I go to various forums including Major Wager to gain more insight.

For baseball betting, I read and the local papers of each team.

For basketball betting, I go to and also read the local papers.

I'm not a large enough bettor to spend so much time researching that handicapping becomes a full-time job, or to employ somebody else to do it. Instead, I try to gather the general information and then go to various handicapping forums to see the reasons behind other people's selections before making my own pick. (I do this just in case someone at Major Wager, for instance, reports on Saturday night that Jeff Garcia has got the flu and is doubtful for tomorrow's game, that kind of thing.)

The Philosopher:
If anything, there are too many sources of information nowadays. You're more likely to get buried in more information than you can realistically process than you are to be lacking anything.

There are many general sports websites that can be useful, such as those run by CBS Sports, CNN/SI, the Sporting News, ESPN, etc. Or you can use sites more specific to one sport, such as the one run by Pro Football Weekly. Plus, of course, there are always the non-virtual versions of these (you can subscribe to physical magazines and newspapers, in other words).

I've found that a sports gambling website can often have a lot of information that overlaps with what is relevant for a sports handicapping system. For example, I get a lot of my day-to-day NFL information on roster changes and injuries and such from one called KFFL.

It can also help to check out local newspapers. The Web greatly facilitates doing this, as most newspapers are at least partly online. I haven't found this to be quite as valuable as I anticipated, because really a lot of the general sites I mentioned above are, in effect, already culling those sources for you and reporting most of the information that is at all important, but once in awhile you can get some information on something like whether coaches are leaning toward playing an injury-hampered player or not.

A good compromise between the national and the local is that a site like that of the Sporting News provides links to writers from local newspapers from each team in each major sport, and they post pretty lengthy updates two or three times a week. This isn't the best place for "breaking news" type stuff, but it's a way to get information on which players are having surprisingly good or bad seasons so far, and the like.

For news and statistics and such that are more openly gambling oriented, a couple of sites that people seem to use a lot are Covers and Vegas Insider.

To check the betting lines, you can either go to the websites of individual sports book betting, or use Don Best (free for delayed betting odds, will cost you a fortune for live online betting odds). There are lesser known lines services like that with different or fewer books, including Tip-Ex and one run by Jim Feist.

You can routinely pick up useful handicapping and sports betting and wagering tips in the Forums right here at Major Wager. It's not uncommon, in fact, for posters to moan and groan about how their edge is declining in value precisely because so many "secrets" are being revealed.

For news on offshore sport book betting and other gambling tips, there's Major Wager, the Prescription, Bettorsworld, and a few smaller gambling web sites.

The best source for a sports betting sport book on gambling and sports betting is probably the Gamblers Book Club in Las Vegas. You can check them out in person if you go to Vegas, or you can get items by mail order from them.

I consider Gamblers Book Club to be a mixed bag at best. I've bought a few things from them, and I've browsed in their store in person at length. The problem is, a great deal of gambling material, including what you'll find there, is pure garbage. It's riddled with logical and mathematical howlers such as I've rarely seen outside a John Patrick "So You Want to Be a Gambler?" infomercial. So a lot of what you'll find in that store is of little or no value (not to mention you'll be paying $40 for a one hundred page large type "book" that looks likes something somebody typed up in his basement and had bound at the local Kinko's), but then again, you will also find worthwhile items there if you search long enough.

There are a lot more sources, but that's just a few off the top of my head.

For football handicapping and basketball handicapping, I like, in particular. I also use many of the others mentioned already. For golf handicapping, one of the best cappers I've ever run across in any sport has his own website--Stanley's ( is invaluable to anyone serious about golf betting. I also spend hours on golf online's stats pages as well.

Philo brings up a very good tip, I know that I have gained a lot of insight through some fantasy stats and sites. It sharpens your awareness of players and teams and can help your sports handicapping skills. Yahoo's fantasy leagues have some stats that are as germane to betting as they are to selecting fantasy rosters.

I also use links off of various "watchdog" sites like Major Wager. Some other betting online sites give links to hometown papers for teams, or team websites, that have some relevance.

I also use pre-season magazines and newsletters to develop power ratings. I typically grab up a half dozen or so and use them to check roster changes, draft analysis, and stats etc. in determining my initial ratings.

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