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Infamous poster Patrick McIrish still posting...By MajorWager.Com

We are all aware that this industry is full of cons and cheats but perhaps the most obvious ones are the ones that continue on and try and get "seconds". MajorWager firmly warns anyone approached by McIrish to be very careful in any dealings they have with him. This infamous Mod, who was let go from the RX last Christmas, whose claim to faim was his moral platform, had a bit of an explosion under that platform when he failed to pay his obligations to a Sportsbook representative. However , true in form, McIrish then blamed the rest of the world for his trouble and even stepped to a new low by posting sorrid details of his ex-employers love life. Most people that have contacted MajorWager are in disbelief of the arrogance of his presence. Below is a typical "I am above it all" style Patrick McIrish post. Please note how everyone else is the liar except the person that owes the money.

So many lies in that chat I wouldn`t know where to start, no wonder they had it when I was out of town. Dave claims I was late in the past? Another out and out lie. Absolutely not true. To say I was EVER late is another in a long list of Shrink/Dave bullshit. I not only paid when the sheet lost I paid early when asked! Dave wanted to settle up once when he was up before the settle figure and I sent it out immediately as I figured he needed it. Anything said besides this is an out and out lie and he knows it. Reminds me of another blatant and obvious like Shrink posted, that I was trying to get back at him because he gave Dave my phone number!? LOL. I had spoken with Dave ALL YEAR long during football season at least once a week but Ken claims I was after him for supplying Dave with my number. Where Shrink even comes up with this stuff amazes me at times. At least he admitted about the 5k on the bet he stiffed me out of, that was another one he at first tried to lie about, wish I could post some other deals I came out on the short end. I could go on forever but what`s the point. Like I did everyone else can find out for themselves.....

Oh and one more thing, when I left the RX I asked Dave if he wanted me to send some post up money for this account. I asked him and he said no. This doesn`t prove anything so to speak but again tells anyone with half a brain Dave is lying, if I was late paying why would he turn me down in asking him to post up? Like everything else this was all a bunch of crap. I don`t even want to bother but can`t help myself, people are so ignorant it would be comical if not so pathetic.


Honesty and integrity huh? Yesterday someone posted I was always trying to boast on being a great handicapper and as some guy with a lot of money. Where do these things come from? I have probably over 50,000 posts at these sites, find one where I boasted of having money or being a great handicapper. Just find one and I will shut my yap, should be east to do as often as I hear this. I don`t possess either a lot of money or great capping skills, no reason to be posting about it even if I did. Like everything else someone else reads something into it and before you know it everyone else knows it as fact too.

As far as honesty and integrity, again prove it. I used the HONOR IS THE GIFT A MAN GIVES TO HIMSELF as a sig line but that came from a movie. I do like the saying but never pretended to be something I wasn`t, that`s more spin from the establishment. On another board I post at their read is just the opposite, because of my arrest record I am a bum over there, LOL. Same things I have posted here too, I never lied on any of it, I have been busted for gambling related crimes 3 or 4 times. My dad the same way. I do believe in treating people how they treat me, if that is integrity and honest being shoved in your face then I am guilty. Reads more to me like some posters insecurities showing up. Mean old McIrish shouting down at Kosar and others from his high perch of integrity and honesty, LOL. Got to save this one for the others so they believe it.....

How this person has a platform to post this is beyond us at MajorWager. We strongly recommend that any venues allowing these types of posters seriously rethink their position and keep in mind the greater good of the industry rather than an extra click or two.

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