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WWTS versus the Sportsbook Owners that beard into them via agents...By MajorWager.Com

Over the last 48 hours there has been much discussion in regards to some wagers that were cancelled by WWTS. The poster Shoebox, recently wrote a scathing post stating that WWTS cancels pending wagers. Not much of an explanation followed and there were zero details provided. MajorWager requested the account number from the poster, Shoebox, on 4 occasions. Each time, only to be refuted with, "I`ll get it for ya later". Shoebox was also asked, point blank, by respected poster, Brett, "Is there more to this story?". Shoebox also then refuted this by answering, "No, that is the whole story".

So let.s recap. Now we have a situation that looks very simple. A player who posted up at WWTS, made some bets on future football games, only to have them cancelled.

What really happened could not be further from the truth.

WWTS is slowly converting to a post up only, recreational player only Sportsbook. In the process it will be eliminating any credit accounts or agent sheets that it may or may not have. This is what has happened here. Problem is, one of the players that had his accounts closed was the owner of another Sportsbook. What a better way to try and force a book to do something they do not want to than the forums and basic cyber-extortion.

Here is how it usually works. The player has an arrangement with an agent that will then in turn put the player in to various Sportsbook. There is no need to post up because the Agent guarantees both the players and books money. So if the book closes, the agent will then pay the player and if the player goes broke the agent will then pay the book for the player. The Agent is paid quite handsomely for this financial risk, usually by way of a percentage of the player.s losses.

Sometimes an agent will have a falling out with a Sportsbook that it is doing business with and be asked to leave and close his players account. It is then up to the agent to make good on pending wagers/balances and any unresolved business. For the most part the agent will move the wagers into another book that he has an "agreement" with. It is 100% the responsibility of the agent to resolve these matters. Not the book.

Where does Shoebox come in? Well, it seems that one of the players that had a large amount of pending wagers was a Sportsbook owner that butters Shoebox.s bread. This owner would not be acting very properly if he took this situation public by himself so instead he got a third party to do it. Nothing wrong with that I suppose, but rather misleading for the readers.

MajorWager spoke with the notorious poster last evening and asked one simple question. Why would you make a post stating there was nothing more to the story when he in fact knew that was only the tip of the iceberg. His response was an expected. "I never said anything like that". Unfortunately for him, he posted as much. He was then told not to carry on until he provided the account number and specifics in the forum about the credit arrangement. We then hung up.

Shoebox then decided to start 3 threads blasting MajorWager and WWTS. He was warned in the second thread to stop and yet posted a new topic again. He was then banned and the 3 threads deleted. Within 20 minutes the poster known as "TheChin"(Manager of Catalina Sportsbook) spontaneously shows up after a few month hiatus at MajorWager stating that Shoebox had been banned and carried on bashing WWTS. The odd thing about this was he was the first person to post this and then when asked publicly why he would do this for Shoebox. His reply was "have not spoken to Shoebox about this". Well, we at MajorWager have to wonder how "TheChin" knew he was banned if he had in fact not spoken to him. Of course he spoke to him.

Shortly after this, MajorWager received an Instant Message from a respected offshore employee who warned that us that shoebox and his friends would make this "very difficult for us". Well, they certainly tried.

This is what has transpired.

Shoebox posts about a post up player not getting paid Shoebox is asked if there is more to the story Shoebox states "no" Turns out the player is a credit player Turns out the sheet he was on got tossed from the book thus deleting any pendings Turns out the person with many pending wagers is "TheChin`s" employer Also turns out that Shoebox has no clue of the account number of the player Turns out that poster "don.t doubt me", who is involved in PlayASAP is a player on the same sheet Poster "don.t doubt me" makes many posts degrading WWTS as well.

If you cannot figure out what has happened here, MajorWager cannot do much more.

MajorWager has always been a site known to uncover situations where there is "nothing more to the story". Once again MajorWager has done an outstanding job in providing information. Facts rather than what the cyber-extortionists would lead us to believe.

Always take what you read in the forums and use your head. Analyze who is posting it and ask yourself "why". That will go a long way in determining what the useful information is and what is not.

What a tangled web we weave......

********** Update 7:49PM

The agent has called MajorWager and confirmed that all bets were honoured at WWTS as long as the individuals posted up the money. Those who chose not to post up had no action. Finally the truth comes out.

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