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Wall Street Journal pulls the sheets back on the watchdogs....By Russ Hawkins

Sometime soon, the Wall Street Journal will be doing a story on sportsbook watchdogs. By the sounds of some of the responses of the so called watchdog sites, the story is not very flattering. Well let me tell you something, it is about time for the blanket to be pulled back on this part of the industry. It is about time that someone with an unbiased opinion told the story.

Let me first begin by saying I held nothing back when answering questions for the article. I answered all of the reporters`s questions as honestly as I could. I think that was the right thing to do. How can we call ourselves Watchdogs and at the same time be afraid of the main stream press knowing how the system works? We should be proud to talk about the system and how it works. It may not be the best system in the world but it helps the players get paid.

It becomes quite clear who doesn.t want their business aired in public.

Shrink wrote on December 10;

"The reporter did indeed confirm to me that Russie Poo had informed him of the fact that John does affiliate deals with sports books...

People who Live in Glass Houses Should Not Throw Stones...

I don`t know why RUSS gloats about RATTING on JOHN or anyone in this industry with all the CRAP he has pulled..

The GOOD news is that this reporter thanked me after I referred him to speak to someone in this industry with much more CREDIBILITY than Russie Poo....

I am not optimistic about this future column...


Now I have to ask myself this question. Why would a watchdog want to hide the fact that a site accepts money from affiliates? No big deal right? Wrong. The problem with some of these sites is they rely on deception, smoke and mirrors and anything else that will help them convince their readers that they are as pure as the driven snow. Did they really think that as the business grew they could keep saying .We don.t take advertising.? I guess they really did. They appear to rely on Barnum.s .sucker born. theory. How could I be the bad guy or .rat. as he calls me for letting people know the score? If Ken feels that telling people the truth about what we do is being a .rat. then he should seriously reconsider his line of work. We are here to tell people the score; We are not here to hide it and deceive our readers.

SBR John commented as well on Dec 10;

I wouldn.t expect anything. The reporter had ZERO questions about the industry that I saw.

It was basically a Russ says you guys make up stories on Royal and Russ says you guys make too much money, blah blah blah.

We refused to answer financial questions to the press..

This is not an industry that appreciates its business aired for the sake of nothing. We could have said a lot about Russ and tej`s connection and majorbetting being managed by tej, ect, ect. But even though Russ did his best to sell us down the river we would never offer information like that out of respect for the industry. SBR John Walker"

This is another case of someone terrified to let the folks know about his business. Again, I pose the same question: Why all the secrecy? Is it because he has built his business based on complete fabrications of not taking advertising money when in fact it is probably the most profitable watchdog out there based on player`s losses?

I suppose we could say it.s time to pay the piper. I, for one, am ecstatic that a main stream professional reporter has taken interest in our industry. I consider the article akin to opening a closet full of cockroaches. It.s about time an article such as this was published in the main stream press. We will see who runs to hide and who is upfront and transparent. I can say that MajorWager is proud of what we do in this industry and is not afraid to discuss it openly. Articles such as these can only help everyone involved.

The reporter spoke to a few posters directly and also followed up on a few complaints. One complaint being a legitimate gripe that was solved efficiently and the other complaint being a .my mother and brother signed up. Where is my referral bonus..

In conclusion, I am very proud to show off MajorWager. I am proud of all the people that participate at this site. I am proud that we don.t pay people to post in support of our positions, I am proud that we don.t trick people into believing we don.t take advertising. And most of all I am proud that the WSJ has taken a keen interest into what we do. In the long term articles such as these will only help us improve the way we do business.

Russ Hawkins

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