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Be Careful of NETeller Scams...By Hartley Henderson

Payment details Amount: USD 186.56 ID: 97455643 Subject: You must use the link below to accept the payment. Note:

Dear Sir/Madam, We are writing you this email in regards to your account with Moneybookers. In accordance with our terms and conditions, article 3.2., we would like to kindly ask you to confirm your identity by doing the following:

1. Click the link below and update your account informations by filling the forms.

2. Send us copies of following documents:

- personal identification document (identity card or driving license or international passport) - a proof of the address submitted with our system (bank account statement or utility bill) You can send those scanned to our email address or faxed to +44 709 204 2001. With best regards, your moneybookers team

I wasn't expecting any transfer to Moneybookers so I emailed and received the following reply:

Dear Mr. Henderson,

Thank you for contacting our customer service.

We would like to confirm that this message was NOT sent by Moneybookers, and strongly advise you not to follow the instructions contained in this email.

Without question, had I clicked on the link given to me in the original email, I would have turned over all my Moneybookers information to the scammers and been a victim of identify theft. The email looked legitimate and even contained in the email address. However, Moneybookers stopped using for information requests quite a while ago, opening that URL up to people with sinister motives.

The news today that NETeller will refund all money to Americans is certainly positive, provided there are no caveats involved and provided the motives are sincere. Without question, many Americans must be skeptical of the announcement and rightly so. The news release after all was rather vague and really gave no timeline as to when the refunds will be processed. Furthermore, they really never gave any reason why customers need to log into their accounts to "request" refunds. Why would this not be automatic? NETeller will likely suggest that Americans may still want to use their accounts for non gambling transactions and thus not want refunds. I suppose that is possible, although the list of NETeller non-gambling related merchants is very minute indeed. Nevertheless, the requirement that people must access their accounts and request refunds just opens up the option to shenanigans like the one that was tried on me with Moneybookers. It is almost certain that scam artists (possibly even those same ones that sent me the email) are currently devising ways to rip off NETeller customers and their identities. For example, any Americans with funds in their accounts should not be surprised if they find emails stating something like by "clicking this link will release the money to your bank account immediately. Just send the bank info to the following link...." Of course clicking that link would give the scammers your info.

Everyone should be smart and simply log into their account, request the funds and wait to see what happens next. NETeller and Navigant have all the addresses and bank info they require and will not be sending out emails requesting the same. If they are really prepared to issue the refunds all they require is a request from you in your account for the withdrawal.

Be smart and be safe and just delete unsolicited emails that appear to be from NETeller that require personal information.

Hartley Henderson

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