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MajorWager Posters' Thoughts on Senator Jon Kyl, R-Ariz....By

Senator Jon Kyl, R-Ariz. continues to push for enactment of regulations in accordance with the UIEGA. As MajorWager readers know, the UIEGA was attached to the Safe Port Act and was passed with no floor discussion, even though the banking lobby vehemently opposed the language in the bill. In the Mess Hall of MajorWager a thoughtful discussion about exactly who Jon Kyl is has been taking place. Here is a sample of the ongoing discussion posted by MajorWager poster "indio":

"This scumbag is a typical second generation congressman who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His daddy was a corrupt congressman from Iowa, and jonny boy lived the typical life of a modern day stooge. Law school, followed by a career in lobbying, then getting anointed into a house seat in 1987, then moving on to his current Senate seat. During his life , he really has not accomplished or created much of anything, other than to help his paymasters out,and assist the anti-freedom, anti-american zealots who unfortunately dominate his party, rising from the ranks of the "looney toones" that the moralistic and religious right used to be percieved by the now defucnt "Goldwater Republican" base.

Along with the infamous UIGEA act that he helped sneak through in the middle of the night like a rat, he also is trying to supress the Freedom of Information act, so that the public cannot have access to what it's own government is doing. He's also the louse who wants DNA testing to be mandatory for every citizen, and put in a database. Simply put, he believes that the federal government should have the authority to control your banking, income, and legislate your own personal choices to make you conform to his warped presbyterian ideology. However, he also believes that the Federal Government should not be subjected to any oversight by the citizenry. If he were in 1930's Germany, he most certainly would have been a proud SS Officer.

And like most politicians, his "moralities" are mostly a charade to help snow the public into supporting legislation that his former cronies in lobbying firms across the country, ask him ( or pay him) to help get through. A perfect example of this is the UIGEA, in where he rattles on about the evils and harms of gambling, yet carves out exemptions to allow online gambling on horse racing, lotteries, and fantasy sports leagues, which for some reason, is just fine and dandy. Perhaps the campaign contributions he took from the horse racing lobby, and the casino lobbies had something to do with this apparent moral enigma? Lets not forget how much casinos hate offshore gaming for 2 reasons, one, they can't compete with places that are actual bookmakers, not corparate dupes, and two, they want to have exclusivity when they are miraculously granted online exemptions in the future.

Perhaps, nothing sheds light on the darkness of this rat's soul, than his outward proclamation of sheer glee when legitimate, and legal gaming stocks went into a downward spiral free fall. Where thousands of hard working people all over the world, including many Americans, lost hundreds of thousands of dollars, had lifetime savings obliterated , and suffered hardships when their legitimate and legal mutual funds and pensions were destroyed due to the rampant roguish acts of the department of justice ( now a modern version of the Stasi), and the cowardly bill he snuck through, without most of congress even knowing the UIGEA was even in the bill.

We are in dangerous times, Kyl is a very powerful congressman, and the people who pull his strings, want your liberty, your money, your servitude, and even your soul. Of course, the reason these bozos got power in the first place was a counter to the socialists who began to dominate many fabrics of society, and are downright hated by anyone with an ounce of dignity. So now things are really bad. The extreme left and right will play there little game, and convince everyone that if your not on their team, your on the other team. And in the back rooms, they are counting the money together, while they sip on a glass of $500 champagne and are waiting on the whores from the escort service they just called.

It is our collective responsibilities, to step up and remove anti-american rats like Jon Kyl, and do it in a way, that future rats will think twice before ever invading the sacred liberties and freedoms that every citizen has an unalienable right to . That these rights of man are self-evident, and are not granted by man and his laws, and therefore, cannot be taken away by man and his laws.

Jon Kyl is a treasonous rat. And must be eliminated from his position of power. He is a disgrace, and he is dangerous.

God bless America. God bless Liberty."

If you would like to make or read comments about Jon Kyle or the proposed UIEGA regulations, you may do so by visiting the Mess Hall forum at MajorWager and joining the discussion. Please click HERE

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