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Maximize your profits with NFL Teasers...By Tony George

I have not been a fan of exotic wagers in my 11 years in the professional handicapping business. I am a big fan, and a strong proponent of flat betting your way to profits, an equal amount of money on every game you play, flat them right down the board. Unfortunately most novice and even experienced gamblers do not feel that way and always want the sure .lock. to unload on, or they want more games to play on a given day. I will boost the units played on certain games when I am up on the house, but never play more than 4 units on any given game during any season, and those are my games of the year, and those plays are very few and far between.

I have found that NFL teasers, given 6 points on the side or total, are an excellent way to maximize your profits and minimize your losses. This also provides my clients an extra outlet to bet without spreading themselves to thin on straight up wagers.

Given the parity in the NFL with free agency, all teams are good and have talent. Yes, even the Bengal.s, Cardinals and Lions have excellent players at skill positions in the NFL. A sports bettor has to be careful when laying over 4 or 5 points in the NFL, especially on the road. The average point difference in all NFL games played in the last 11 years, if you pooled them all together and divided it up, is around 5.7 points on the average. A sportsbook is giving you 6 points to add or deduct from the line you want to play. That adds a tremendous amount of value to a game, but remember the catch is you have to win 2 games to cash a teaser, and most offshore books offer 11/10 odds on these wagers.

Some rules I use, that you should follow. I never tease any games that I am on with my straight up wagers. That is the key in minimizing losses. If you are on the Packers for instance, playing the Bengal.s, laying 7 on the road, and you have them as a straight up play, and they lose straight up, which is ALWAYS possible, and you also had them in half of your teaser, you not only lose your straight up play, but also your teaser play, which was suppose to help you out if you had a rough day. Never tease games you are on straight up. The lines given for straight up plays, that you find value in for straight up bets, should be lines you are comfortable with and find value in. There are always those games, side plays or totals, that we find that are right on the number, where a line is solid and tight, that if we add 6 points to a team getting 4 or 5 at home, we feel have an excellent chance to cover with the added value. You always can find these weekly in the NFL.

I never bet more than 1 unit on teasers, because the bottom line is, you have to win 2 games to make the bet payout. I know some guys that play them exclusively and will play 2 or 3 of them on Sunday with no straight up wagers. Another thing is to add them to your Monday Night games. I am not a fan of Monday nights for numerous reasons, although my record is over 76% ATS over the last 2 years combined. The reason for that is I only play about half the games during the season, as the lines are tight, and it seems that crazy things happen on Monday Nights. I gear more towards the totals play if anything and have found success. An excellent way to play Monday.s is to tease the game, side and total. You cannot tease side and total in Las Vegas Sportsbooks, but you can with offshore sportsbooks. This adds 12 points of total value to the side and total of your liking on a Monday Night game.

Lastly, with the given fact that most games land around 5 or 6 points in difference over the past 11 years, I tend to lean towards underdogs with my teaser plays. Anytime you have an NFL team getting double digits, it is always a better than average bet that they will cover the spread. I especially like home underdogs straight up, and then adding the value of 6 points to them. Remember, getting 10 or points in the NFL is like getting 20 or more in college football. Speaking of college football, I will sometimes play a teaser in college, but college football is more volatile than the NFL, so I tend to rarely do so.

I hope these hints help you out this football season; they have worked for me in the past and are the guidelines I use for my selections.

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