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Major's Comments:  Solid book financially. Perhaps the most recreational book around these days. If you win your bonus structure and betting structure may be changed. Lots of options for the recreational bettor
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Date Submitted: Dec 9, 2005
Poster Name: coltscolts
Post Count: 83
Member Since: Feb/15/2005
Rating: 1.0
Comments: by far the most disgusting, horrible sportsbook i have ever been associated with, regardless of sponsoring majorwager. opened account just one week ago, playing prop bets, first they cut my limit from 500 to 200/game. Then, they lied and said it was supposed to be 200 all the time. i said raise back to 500 they didnt do it, plus they said ridiculous new rule: i must bet 5x whatever amount i risk on prop bets on regaular lines, what a bunch of dipshts. Worst book in the face of earth, never in my life i saw such horrific rules/lines, just liked some prop bets apparently 200/game is too much to handle. if they are scared to take that wager on prop bets im glad shut account down. Just praying to get my money back the next few days. they should be ashamed to call themselves a sportsbook; I can book more bets without being afraid than them, simply pathetic, stay away 100%

Date Submitted: Nov 27, 2005
Poster Name: buzzravanaugh
Post Count: 14409
Member Since: Jan/12/2001
Rating: 3.0
Comments: I love the setup of this book--easy to use software, clear wagering screen. Neteller withdrawal fees are a factor for me and a reason I don't play there all the time.

Date Submitted: Nov 24, 2005
Poster Name: triplecrown
Post Count: 848
Member Since: Mar/5/2002
Rating: 3.0
Comments: solid shop. need to increase their neteller limits. the bonus program was recently cut back. ugh.

Date Submitted: Nov 20, 2005
Poster Name: fathead
Post Count: 160
Member Since: Jul/23/2002
Rating: 3.5
Comments: Solid book, but a bit quirky. Good horse department. Wide selection of tracks, usually available around midnight EST. 3.5% horse rebate. 10x rollover is a bit steep for bonuses. Withdrawal policy seems to change weekly, currently limited to $1000 per day Neteller with a fee. Obviously the prefer the smaller 'recreational' bettor. Not a bad book, your money is safe, just a bit quirky in some of their policies.

Date Submitted: Nov 4, 2005
Poster Name: hockeystl
Post Count: 3003
Member Since: Jun/22/2002
Rating: 2.0
Comments: THE BAD Customer service is generally below average compared to the bigger books. I would strongly advise players to record conversations regarding any issues you are having with them so there isn't any question regarding what you said and what a CSR said. The 2% fee and maximum of $1000 per day with Neteller is a real hassle. They accept more than $1000 per day on deposits, but will not allow more than that on a cashout? What gives? Also note that their 20% bonus requires a very steep 10x rollover. THE GOOD They do have some playable lines and some nice wagering options. In addition, the loyalty bonus program will make up for some of the fees you pay at the time of cashout.

Date Submitted: Oct 21, 2005
Poster Name: openbox
Post Count: 394
Member Since: Jul/28/2005
Rating: 2.5
Comments: CS was very good. Lines are below average. My biggest complaint, I use neteller and they would only payout what I put in with neteller so I had to make 2 withdrawals everytime one neteller and one WU, I don't appreciate the hassle. Baseball lines are tough, seemed like 40 cent lines, lol. Safe but just too many hassles with withdrawals.

Date Submitted: Oct 21, 2005
Poster Name: namathfan
Post Count: 444
Member Since: Dec/29/2001
Rating: 3.5
Comments: Being a recreational player they were fine for me. Loved the golf props such as Gir,birdies...Was using them thru an agent so never had any money issues for withdrawals.

Date Submitted: Oct 21, 2005
Poster Name: michael777
Post Count: 2403
Member Since: Jan/29/2001
Rating: 3.0
Comments: ok sportsbook,several teaser options which i like,crazy prop bets also,low limits though,do not,i repeat,do not bet horses there,you can bet a race 4 hours prior to post and they will cancel your bet,win or lose and claim it was past post,there racebook people are clueless

Date Submitted: Oct 15, 2005
Poster Name: bruce1972
Post Count: 1341
Member Since: Dec/29/2000
Rating: 1.0
Comments: If you win there you will be hassled to the point of making you leave as they will play games like requiring you to bet 5 times your prop bets daily and then 5 times your live betting even! They are a shop for losers and if this is you you might like it.

Date Submitted: Oct 9, 2005
Poster Name: duke
Post Count: 294
Member Since: Aug/11/2000
Rating: 4.0
Comments: In terms of safety and longevity, they are one of the originals and the best. However, the one negative thing about this book is their neteller payout limit of 1000 with a 20 charge and overall, they charge high payout fees for any method you choose. It is diffcult to play here when you run your balance up because it is tedious to get your money out. (I do not like receiving checks, or bank wires) However, I play with them because they have nice online limits, good customer service, good promotions and contests, and a stellar reputation. I also think that if you are a high volume player, their 1% volume back weekly is tremendous as I have received 500 and 600 dollars back over the past 2 weeks which more than make up for the high neteller fees. I recommend playing here, but realize that you will have to chip away if you run your balance up if you want to receive your money via neteller or solidpay.

Date Submitted: Oct 5, 2005
Poster Name: theguesser
Post Count: 1750
Member Since: Jul/19/2000
Rating: 4.0
Comments: Good, solid book.

Date Submitted: Oct 4, 2005
Poster Name: shiftysheik
Post Count: 494
Member Since: Aug/6/2000
Rating: 3.0
Comments: Stopped playing there due to their excessive payout fees. Good for props but you can usually get better lines elsewhere for sides and totals.

Date Submitted: Sep 30, 2005
Poster Name: siggy
Post Count: 37
Member Since: Nov/17/2003
Rating: 4.0
Comments: a good shop with a good bonus program.

Date Submitted: Sep 29, 2005
Poster Name: moneyline
Post Count: 1545
Member Since: Feb/1/2002
Rating: 3.0
Comments: i like their rebate program but do not like 1000 per day netellers with 20 in fees.lots of variety and props and that is what keeps me in there.

Date Submitted: Sep 28, 2005
Poster Name: maximo
Post Count: 562
Member Since: Jul/25/2001
Rating: 4.0
Comments: They offer every kind of bet in the world, especially props and teasers. Also have auto racing that no other book has. 1000 per day wd through Neteller is a rip off vs the competition. Their software is set to auto move off of changes from Cris and consensus Don Best so you will never get any variation on lines. Always pay prompt, deposit options always seemed to be better than any other book. I actually think these guys should advertise MORE and in a different manner but why educate them, they are smart, they will figure it out. Need to come up earlier in football, scared to get hit early on a game means they don't have that much volume. Was there not a big tennis bet scam with them in the past? Maybe the link could be posted below the reviews section. Good rebate programs also, only problem is you have to find a ton of bets to make with them. Heard they also write per head basis so overall they seem to be a good book with some small flaws, I have to give them a 4 considering all that they offer. Cust serv good, always got paid quickly when post up.

Date Submitted: Sep 28, 2005
Poster Name: hockeyguru
Post Count: Unknown
Member Since: Unknown
Rating: 2.0
Comments: Same as wwts in terms of value- essentially none whatsoever. I always found a better price elsewhere. So they have nice promos to get people to re-up there- I consider lines with value to be a nice promo.