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Date Submitted: Oct 22, 2005
Poster Name: capperks
Post Count: 1239
Member Since: Oct/8/2003
Rating: 3.0
Comments: Been awhile since I played here. Average, at best... quick in, somewhat slow out. They used to have decent props and the CS was okay. No major problems, but why settle for mediocre?

Date Submitted: Oct 22, 2005
Poster Name: grandfather
Post Count: 6643
Member Since: Aug/11/2000
Rating: 4.0
Comments: I like this book simply because they bought Paradise poker and that's where I play. They made it so easy to transfer money from the poker site to the book, that I started playing there often. Free $10 wagers at times is a very nice comp. A full service, and dare I say fair, casino is plus.

Date Submitted: Oct 21, 2005
Poster Name: liquid53
Post Count: 21
Member Since: Oct/20/2005
Rating: 1.0
Comments: Bottom line don't waste your money! I've never seen worse customer service, they pretend to not know about a bonus that was posted on their website, then after numerous emails promise to credit the bonus within 72 hours. 100+ hours later they say marketing is backed up it will be another 72 hours. It's now been another 110 hours and counting and still they haven't credited the bonus. They are the worlds most incompetent sportsbook. After seeing the complaints at sports book review I realize I wasted my money depositing with them. There are so many good books out there, no need to take a risk with these guys or to put up with the incompetent and horrible customer service.