Major's Rating:  No Major's Rating   (1=worst, 5= best)
Major's Comments:  Top book run by top management in the industry. Over the 5 years in dealing with WSEX, out of the very limited problems, they are always resolved to the players satisfaction in minutes. MOney would be considered very safe.
User's Rating:  4.4   (Average Of 30 User Reviews)
General Info and contact info
Primary Web Address:
Customer Service Email:
Wagering Phone Number:  1-888 -498-8227
Customer Service Phone Number:  1-888-671-3253
Local Phone Number:  1 -268-480-3888
In Business Since:  1996
Location:  Antigua
Accepts Online Gaming Council Arbitration:  Yes
MajorWager Advertiser:  Yes
Further details
Quality Of Customer Service On Phone:  Good
Quality Of Customer Service Via Email:  Very Good
Customer Service Hours:  24 hours
Handling Of Complaints:  Very Good
Rules Well Displayed And Detailed:  Yes
Policy On Wiseguy Action:  Internet limits honored- check with book for phone limits
Minimum Wager:  $5
Sign Up Bonus:  Check with book for current bonuses
Re-up Bonus:  Check with book for current bonuses
Required Rollover:  Check with book
Referrals:  Check with book
Reduced Vig:  -104 on Live Betting Events
Processing Companies Used:  Neteller, Bank wire, Western Union, Moneygram
Forum Topics
Date Posted:  17-Oct-05
Title of Thread:  WSEX, Problem resolved
Description:  I got better things to do then wait to see if you want to take my bet or not You set your line, you set your limits, then I try to bet, just let me bet, its really aggravating waiting for the line board approval especially near post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date Posted:  20-Sep-05
Title of Thread:  World Sports Exchange Question
Description:  Can someone tell me if you can bet live interactive during every baseball and football game? I am just curious if there is a place that allows you to be interactively during every game. I would of liked to bet the Orioles tonight when they were down 9-3 to the yankees. Just curious if someone could answer this question for me.