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Date Submitted: Nov 27, 2006
Poster Name: charles2006
Post Count: 24
Member Since: Nov/20/2006
Rating: 4.0
Comments: Not a bad site at all. Thought my deposit wouldn't go through because of a US bank account but no problem - gave me a 30% bonus for using ATM Online. They have a $10,000 Handicapping contest that I will win and a $500,000 Turkey Bowl contest for thanksgiving. Have yet to try the online casino but will let you know...

Date Submitted: Nov 22, 2006
Poster Name: drchud
Post Count: 21
Member Since: Nov/20/2006
Rating: 3.0
Comments: Pretty good book. Got a 30% sign up bonus which was cool and got entered in the $500,000 Turkey Bowl - doubt I'll win but it's cool. Started playing the casino a week ago and got a 10% rebate on my losses - very cool!

Date Submitted: Nov 20, 2006
Poster Name: juicy lucy
Post Count: 20
Member Since: Nov/20/2006
Rating: 4.5
Comments: SBG Global seems to have a pretty good online casino. I don't like to download anything so that's why I choose them and I'm glad I did. Only two days into playing the slots, I hit a jackpot for $5,000 and they actually paid me! I have been ripped off before from other sites and it was nice to actually win. I would recommend their casino anytime.