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Major's Comments:  Heritage is one of the original books in the industry. Perhaps an underated book as they have had little presence over the years. Heritage is a traditional sportsbook and your money would be considered safe.
Av. User's Rating:  3.7   (Average Of 9 User Reviews)

Date Submitted: Oct 23, 2005
Poster Name: capt
Post Count: 6161
Member Since: Mar/19/2001
Rating: 3.5
Comments: not bad quick payouts i just dont like the layout of the place sorry customer service is decent

Date Submitted: Oct 7, 2005
Poster Name: peckle
Post Count: 2523
Member Since: Jan/26/2001
Rating: 4.0
Comments: nice solid book that pays quick... I had a good run there over a yr ago and they politely asked me to leave and paid me my full balance...I take it as a compliment and move on...

Date Submitted: Oct 6, 2005
Poster Name: highhand
Post Count: 2162
Member Since: Jul/31/2001
Rating: 3.5
Comments: when you are playing here it is great. good dog value, big bonuses, big backing etc. however when i get the boot it makes me angry, but not for long. way to go heritage. nice business model. just try to be nicer when booting and quit sending me bonus offers you won't offer.

Date Submitted: Oct 6, 2005
Poster Name: charliehustle
Post Count: 23
Member Since: Feb/23/2004
Rating: 4.5
Comments: Very solid Book. Western Union payouts within 1Hour 7 days a week. Generous bonuses along with great customer service. The score phone they use is ahead of it's time. Must have book!!

Date Submitted: Oct 1, 2005
Poster Name: duke
Post Count: 294
Member Since: Aug/11/2000
Rating: 5.0
Comments: Heritage is an excellent book with a long track record. They offer WU payouts 7 days a week have excellent customer service. There midday enhanced parlay payouts as well as -107 juice during this time is another plus. They are also unique in offering rolling if plays which gives you more betting power and an amazing personalized score phone. Overall, one of my favorite outs

Date Submitted: Sep 27, 2005
Poster Name: stickie
Post Count: 1230
Member Since: Apr/4/2004
Rating: 5.0
Comments: I can honestly say I only signed up for a 40% bonus. However, I have never had a book with better lines for bases. For me, Heritage is a must have book. Excellent book all around.

Date Submitted: Sep 27, 2005
Poster Name: crony
Post Count: 1743
Member Since: Nov/15/2000
Rating: 2.0
Comments: Major beef with book, was told internet play was no longer welcome. I asked them If I could still log in to see their lines, and promised to only play over the phone agreeing any internet plays could be voided at their discretion (I.E. A win = no action a loss = a loss). They said no. Only book I have had that refuses internet action and won't let me look at the lines online (about 5 in that category). Hate calling in for rundowns, or to see if a certain line is up. Only reason for the low grade. In my opinion they are very solid and will play. A little unfriendly.

Date Submitted: Sep 27, 2005
Poster Name: paradigm
Post Count: 671
Member Since: Sep/25/2002
Rating: 1.0

Date Submitted: Sep 24, 2005
Poster Name: alm
Post Count: 3684
Member Since: May/28/2001
Rating: 5.0