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Date Submitted: Nov 12, 2006
Poster Name: tommyjay
Post Count: 637
Member Since: Aug/23/2004
Rating: 1.0
Comments: Up, down, up,in the last year ('05) or so. Up for the best outright and each way odds, down for payout problems, up for the new management and an end to the slow pay. Comprehensive golf betting site, every tournament big and small listed for betting, too much actually. Marked down a point for head to head match-up juice. Other than that, great for outrights, props, and early, early lines. EDITED 9-8-06 Back to slow pay mode. Stay away. Out of business. Skipped with everyone's post-up. The operator, Jason West, believed to have skipped Britain and headed home to Australia. Some solid book needs to "buy" this site and operate it exactly as it was. This was far and away the best golf wagering book ever put up on the net. Too bad it didn't last.