Millennium Sports User Ratings

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Major's Comments:  Book has been around for a long time. Millenium is part of the BetonSports family of sportsbooks. The book would be considered a recreational book. Money would be considered safe.
Av. User's Rating:  3.2   (Average Of 11 User Reviews)

Date Submitted: Jul 4, 2006
Poster Name: theguesser
Post Count: 1750
Member Since: Jul/19/2000
Rating: 3.5
Comments: Very Good book. Free 1/2 point Fridays, great teaser odds. Only negative I can think of is lack of free payouts. Update 07/04/06: Odds on 4 team, 13 point teasers have gone from -120 to -130. Worth a downgrade to 3.5 based on that. Also, no evidence they will continue Free 1/2 Point Fridays for Football this year. If that's eliminated, knock them down another notch to a 3.0.

Date Submitted: Feb 28, 2006
Poster Name: triplecrown
Post Count: 848
Member Since: Mar/5/2002
Rating: 4.0

Date Submitted: Feb 16, 2006
Poster Name: bjkpmp
Post Count: 405
Member Since: Sep/23/2004
Rating: 3.5
Comments: GAVE them some slack for post superbowl payouts but besides that they have been a good book with unique numbers at times. Great teaser odds, i am happy with this book. Would love a no-phone-in payout but must call it in; however, pretty quick. Fees are a nuisance $15 to $30 via neteller.

Date Submitted: Nov 1, 2005
Poster Name: capt
Post Count: 6161
Member Since: Mar/19/2001
Rating: 3.5
Comments: lie all the options like the customer service dont like the fact that i lose there all the time not really fond of the layout and payouts

Date Submitted: Nov 1, 2005
Poster Name: mvbski
Post Count: 1250
Member Since: Nov/24/2003
Rating: 5.0
Comments: One of my top books for Football and Basketball,free half point on Fridays and it is good on or off of 7 and good on totals also.Pay like a clock with never a problem and they have a very nice reload program when your account is dry.A must have book for me.

Date Submitted: Nov 1, 2005
Poster Name: jjgold
Post Count: 44178
Member Since: Jan/8/2002
Rating: 2.5

Date Submitted: Oct 6, 2005
Poster Name: highhand
Post Count: 2162
Member Since: Jul/31/2001
Rating: 3.0
Comments: these assholes will tell you what to play, which is a changeup from the norm. eric is the line manager nazi guy who expects you to lay bad numbers or leave. pretty good dog lines and they do pay. i must endorse even though i was shown the door. mill is just trying to make $$$ how can you blame em. with a 3 rating thats how. safe book however.

Date Submitted: Oct 1, 2005
Poster Name: buckeye
Post Count: 1610
Member Since: Aug/12/2000
Rating: 3.5

Date Submitted: Sep 29, 2005
Poster Name: mr negative
Post Count: 4230
Member Since: Sep/12/2002
Rating: 3.0
Comments: plenty of value to be had at betmill. weird numbers, free half points, low juice, huge bonuses. very fun until they decide you are someone they don't want.

Date Submitted: Sep 28, 2005
Poster Name: maximo
Post Count: 562
Member Since: Jul/25/2001
Rating: 3.0
Comments: An underrated book. They have great teaser odds, are open earlier than almost any other book and always have a good promotion for you to earn on your money. Couple that with the Friday night half point in football and you are off to the races. I would like to see them update their software, it times out in about 1 minute. Also, it would be nice to NOT have to call to get banking and large bets in. I give these guys a 3.5 overall and would go to 4 if I could perform most functions on the net.

Date Submitted: Sep 27, 2005
Poster Name: pdm68
Post Count: 74
Member Since: Nov/10/2004
Rating: 1.0