Major's Rating:  No Major's Rating   (1=worst, 5= best)
Major's Comments:  One of the best of the best books. Been around for years. Run by a guy that is well known throughout this industry for his integrity. Best props on the planet. MOney would be considered very safe.
User's Rating:  4.3   (Average Of 46 User Reviews)
General Info and contact info
Primary Web Address:
Customer Service Email:
Wagering Phone Number:  1-800- 641-6026
Customer Service Phone Number:  1-888-327-8238
Local Phone Number:  1--876-953-6100
In Business Since:  1996
Location:  Jamaica
Accepts Online Gaming Council Arbitration:  Yes
MajorWager Advertiser:  No
Further details
Quality Of Customer Service On Phone:  Very Good
Quality Of Customer Service Via Email:  Very Good
Customer Service Hours:  24 hours
Handling Of Complaints:  Very Good
Rules Well Displayed And Detailed:  Yes
Policy On Wiseguy Action:  Bring it on
Minimum Wager:  Internet-$5 Phone-$10
Which Line Services Used If Any:  Don Best
Sign Up Bonus:  21%
Re-up Bonus:  Check with book
Required Rollover:  Check with book
Referrals:  Check with book
Processing Companies Used:  Neteller, Firepay, Western Union, Credit Card, Bank Wire, Bank Check via Fed Ex
Forum Topics
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Title of Thread:  No way Olympic and CRIS should be rated a (1) due to 20c baseball lines.
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Date Posted:  05-Oct-05
Title of Thread:  Anybody else have troubles depositing money with Olympic?
Description:  The last couple times I've tried depositing money (including this morning) I get a message saying the email address i've entered isn't the one they have on file. I call their 1-888 # and get told its a problem with my credit card company. I call the credit card company and they say its not them and to call Olympic again. I call Olympic back and they ask me what email address I entered. I read it out to them and they

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Title of Thread:  Where can I find a transcipt of last nights live chat with Chris from Olympic
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Date Posted:  30-Jul-05
Title of Thread:  Can you guys compare Pinnacle and Oly for me.
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Date Posted:  21-Jun-05
Title of Thread:  Olympic and WSEX refuse to pay the winners of F1 bets
Description:  I think it is time to start a thread with an appropriate title.