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Date Submitted: Nov 19, 2005
Poster Name: fathead
Post Count: 160
Member Since: Jul/23/2002
Rating: 3.5
Comments: Okay book, as long as you don't win too much. I used them for a while in horses. 2%-7% sliding scale rebate. I got too far ahead at one point and they cut my limits to $100 per bet. I think they prefer to cut limits instead of booting winners. Withdrawals can be a pain. No way to do it on the Internet. You have to call and talk to at least 2 different departments. They always paid me the same day, although sometimes they had to wait until deposits flowed into the Neteller account in the evening before they could do it. They did not lie to me, though, they told me that this was the reason. Fair book for the 'recreational' bettor.

Date Submitted: Oct 22, 2005
Poster Name: buckeye
Post Count: 1610
Member Since: Aug/12/2000
Rating: 1.5
Comments: They use the dual line cheat. They profile you and then don't let you bet NFL before Thursday if you aren't clueless. Once on the sharp line ( the guest line is the square line that you get to start and you are allowed to bet it all week to start as well ) it is a worthless clone line shop. Only reason they aren't a 1 is that while you are on the square line they are okay. But since you don't get it for long it isn't much good.

Date Submitted: Oct 5, 2005
Poster Name: drunkguy
Post Count: 1907
Member Since: May/3/2003
Rating: 3.0
Comments: played there, didn't have a problem. Pretty average in all respects.