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Major's Comments:  Recreational book. This includes the whole family of VIP books. It you are a professional and take advantage of their bonuses you will get the run around.
Av. User's Rating:  2.7   (Average Of 9 User Reviews)

Date Submitted: Feb 28, 2006
Poster Name: triplecrown
Post Count: 848
Member Since: Mar/5/2002
Rating: 1.5

Date Submitted: Dec 27, 2005
Poster Name: skin
Post Count: 170
Member Since: Nov/4/2003
Rating: 1.0
Comments: booted for winning, says it all.

Date Submitted: Sep 30, 2005
Poster Name: hroberts
Post Count: 165
Member Since: Jul/12/2005
Rating: 2.5

Date Submitted: Sep 29, 2005
Poster Name: hockeyguru
Post Count: Unknown
Member Since: Unknown
Rating: 3.5
Comments: If you're clever you can stick around for a little longer than most- don't be greedy and you'll be able to cash in. Not super fast payouts but I always got paid. I don't know if things have changed much but , if not, I would definately play there.

Date Submitted: Sep 29, 2005
Poster Name: rogthedodger
Post Count: 4119
Member Since: Dec/20/2002
Rating: 3.0

Date Submitted: Sep 28, 2005
Poster Name: capt
Post Count: 6161
Member Since: Mar/19/2001
Rating: 4.0

Date Submitted: Sep 28, 2005
Poster Name: phillyfanatic
Post Count: 1852
Member Since: Feb/3/2001
Rating: 3.0
Comments: Decent recreational book with some nice square lines for low limit players. On the flip side, I once had a payout that took nearly two weeks due to getting the runaround from customer service, as management isn't too anxious to pay winners.

Date Submitted: Sep 28, 2005
Poster Name: drunkguy
Post Count: 1907
Member Since: May/3/2003
Rating: 4.0
Comments: This is a good book for smaller players, definitely not for sharper players. They will turn away or limit pro action. Decent software, good CS. You will have no problem getting paid. Lines may shade the favorites slightly, although not outrageous. I think for most players this book is a fine choice.

Date Submitted: Sep 26, 2005
Poster Name: neilm
Post Count: 5564
Member Since: Aug/7/2001
Rating: 2.0