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Date Submitted: Dec 31, 2005
Poster Name: partytrader
Post Count: 121
Member Since: Sep/8/2005
Rating: 3.0
Comments: Average book. Won't take a bet if any sign of sophistication, they will throw you a reverse line to make sure you can't get them once they have tagged you as having some kind of clue. They wreak of being marketeers but no expertise. Yeah they look good but not much to go with it. They do offer some tennis and soccer lines which is ok for the average player who doesn't bet much but they aren't real bookmakers.

Date Submitted: Dec 29, 2005
Poster Name: jerek
Post Count: 301
Member Since: Apr/10/2001
Rating: 4.0
Comments: Great safe book for some. Of no use to others. I personally love them. CS is A1 and love their poker site. Always pay quickly

Date Submitted: Dec 2, 2005
Poster Name: johnnyboyconn
Post Count: 1255
Member Since: Nov/17/2005
Rating: 4.5
Comments: Listen...the lines are not great. But, the site is very sharp, easy to use. The poker is also pretty good. Fast payouts, the last one hit neteller in under 8 hrs.

Date Submitted: Nov 10, 2005
Poster Name: doubleparring
Post Count: 388
Member Since: Jul/13/2005
Rating: 1.5
Comments: Horrible lines whenever they do come up and not a lot of variety.

Date Submitted: Oct 19, 2005
Poster Name: openbox
Post Count: 394
Member Since: Jul/28/2005
Rating: 3.0
Comments: "run of the mill" book, nothing special, but not bad. Paid me quickly but was not impressed with lines and too many times they would change them mid-bet.

Date Submitted: Oct 5, 2005
Poster Name: sylf
Post Count: 459
Member Since: Jan/15/2005
Rating: 3.5

Date Submitted: Oct 2, 2005
Poster Name: stickie
Post Count: 1230
Member Since: Apr/4/2004
Rating: 4.0
Comments: Won't allow Canadians to wager at their book.

Date Submitted: Sep 30, 2005
Poster Name: hroberts
Post Count: 165
Member Since: Jul/12/2005
Rating: 3.0

Date Submitted: Sep 30, 2005
Poster Name: siggy
Post Count: 37
Member Since: Nov/17/2003
Rating: 3.0
Comments: People seem to love or hate these guys but I liked them. I am right in their target audience (square) though. :(

Date Submitted: Sep 29, 2005
Poster Name: bjkpmp
Post Count: 405
Member Since: Sep/23/2004
Rating: 2.0
Comments: top notch customer service, but very generic lines. Not worth even looking at. Payouts/bonuses great, but if you want value this book aint close. And the casino software is the worst rip-off ever. Variety also suffers, not a lot of soccer lines/no totals. Weak stuff they clearly go for the "loser" types than any bettor with 10% of a brain.