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Date Submitted: Oct 7, 2005
Poster Name: shawn
Post Count: 1785
Member Since: Aug/15/2000
Rating: 3.0
Comments: Their focus is racing. In the late 90s they decided to get serious about soccer and American sports. They assembled a very good soccer team (Tony, Chris, Gregg, Phil...) and went after Asian business. On the American side they bought Rich's Superbook and tried dime-line bases. They were taking lots of big bets. VC were one of the first to move offshore to get around the large wagering tax then in place (setting up in Gibraltar). Eventually they retreated to their core business, racing, selling off Superbook (I think to Sportingbet, who were trying to buy anybody/everybody) and toning down the soccer. They'll take a good sized bet on what they offer, and customer service is adequate. How useful they are for N. American customers is an open question.

Date Submitted: Oct 6, 2005
Poster Name: conrad
Post Count: 10611
Member Since: Mar/29/2001
Rating: 4.5
Comments: Big improvement over the last few years. Good range of bets and also handy for scalpers who are there to snap up the gifts as soon as they come out.

Date Submitted: Oct 6, 2005
Poster Name: kentbrockman
Post Count: 724
Member Since: Nov/8/2000
Rating: 4.0

Date Submitted: Oct 3, 2005
Poster Name: parkendhead
Post Count: 1665
Member Since: Aug/20/2001
Rating: 3.0
Comments: Software not the best, but good range of betting and lay a fair bet.