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Major's Comments:  Carib has been around for many years, Very few complaints if any. The usual complaints are over their complicated bonus structure. Money would be considered safe at this book.
Av. User's Rating:  4.3   (Average Of 14 User Reviews)

Date Submitted: Aug 26, 2006
Poster Name: the hitman
Post Count: 204
Member Since: Jun/13/2001
Rating: 4.5
Comments: Nice customer service. Free #'s plays on quickly, efficiently.

Date Submitted: Jul 23, 2006
Poster Name: bluto
Post Count: 192
Member Since: Jan/2/2003
Rating: 5.0
Comments: Never had a problem getting paid. Neteller payments within 20 minutes. unique betting options such as the Pro Football Handicapping Contest, daily lottery numbers and high stakes Superbowl squares will keep me a loyal customer. The one drawback is the Neteller withdrawal fee, you get hit with $20. Small price to pay for a guaranteed payout from an offshore.

Date Submitted: Jul 4, 2006
Poster Name: theguesser
Post Count: 1750
Member Since: Jul/19/2000
Rating: 4.5
Comments: Solid, long standing Book. Sme unique offerings, nice promos. 2 for Tuesday(-102 on NFL) not what it was, but still nice. Friday free 1/2 points on NCAA Foots nice No more ties win teasers makes their teasers run of the mill. Would have been 5 before tightening/eliminating some of these promos. 07/03/06 Update. Carib has further adjusted some of their Football promos for 2006. -102 Tuesdays for NFL appears to be gone, replaced by -105 Tuesdays, but will now include NFL Totals. 1/2 Point Fridays on NCAA Football appears to be gone, replaced by -105. I would lower their rating slightly based on these to maybe a 4.4 if I could, but still an extremely good book.

Date Submitted: Feb 28, 2006
Poster Name: triplecrown
Post Count: 848
Member Since: Mar/5/2002
Rating: 4.5

Date Submitted: Nov 20, 2005
Poster Name: fathead
Post Count: 160
Member Since: Jul/23/2002
Rating: 4.0
Comments: Still a top book. Has to take awards for most courteous book with the fastest payouts. Their online memo system is great and you get quick replies. A ten minute payout is slow for Carib, it is usually more like 5 minutes or less! Nice horse department, not all tracks offered though. 5% horse rebate. Hard to complain about Carib, your money is safe and they pay you quickly when you win.

Date Submitted: Oct 23, 2005
Poster Name: jackyl
Post Count: 6832
Member Since: Mar/16/2002
Rating: 5.0
Comments: I found out about Carib via Major Wager more than 4 years ago, and it turned out to be the best decision I've made. Thanks to MW & Carib for 4 years of hassle-free wagering and cashouts. The memo system Carib uses is second to none. Customer service responds to any questions or concerns within minutes every time and they are very courteous in doing so. The if-wagering that Carib offers is rivaled by none and their reload bonuses are very generous. Other than the occasional server overload, there are no real long-term concerns I have with this book, and if you want to play at a winner, Carib's where you need to be! Thank You Carib & thank you Major Wager for giving me the best possible offshore experience!

Date Submitted: Oct 22, 2005
Poster Name: kingk0ng
Post Count: 1444
Member Since: Aug/20/2003
Rating: 4.5

Date Submitted: Oct 14, 2005
Poster Name: caddy
Post Count: 542
Member Since: Aug/25/2004
Rating: 5.0
Comments: Been with them 5+ yrs... they really work with the better. Get most on my action. But have a coupe of others to compare lines.

Date Submitted: Oct 14, 2005
Poster Name: hockeystl
Post Count: 3003
Member Since: Jun/22/2002
Rating: 1.0
Comments: CARIB SPORTS POTENTIAL PLAYERS BEWARE New members wanting to get their 50% promotion must give them the last 4 digits of their driver’s license number AND social security number. I have no problem with the drivers license number (which I gave them), but there's no way in hell I'd give them even ONE digit of my SSN. Simply stated, it's none of their business. When I refused to give them the SSN they then said I needed to fax them a copy of my photo ID AND a copy of a utility bill. Simply stated again, it's none of their business. They claim it’s for “verification” purposes. If that’s the case, then verifying the last 4 digits of my driver’s license number should’ve been sufficient. Because I wasn't willing to jump through their hoops, they denied me the bonus. And to elaborate on the bonus, it's actually a "sticky" bonus that can't ever be cashed out. As a result, I then told them I wanted the Neteller deposit I had just made 10 minutes prior reversed and they said they were going to charge me $10. I went up the ladder and no one budged so I ate the $10.

Date Submitted: Oct 12, 2005
Poster Name: openbox
Post Count: 394
Member Since: Jul/28/2005
Rating: 4.0
Comments: Solid all the way around. Lines could be better but CS makes up for average lines. Fun reduced juice days, fun book.

Date Submitted: Oct 5, 2005
Poster Name: drunkguy
Post Count: 1907
Member Since: May/3/2003
Rating: 4.5
Comments: great book, somewhat unique offerings. Bonus structure is "sticky". The message system they use is great, CS very responsive. Used to only have free PPATM transfers, not sure what the policy is now, but no free Netellers was about the only downside.

Date Submitted: Sep 30, 2005
Poster Name: capt
Post Count: 6161
Member Since: Mar/19/2001
Rating: 4.5
Comments: another great book only glith is they are down too much 5 percent rebate on horses and parlays over 6 teams great payouts and great options on deposits dont like the 20 perent lines but can ususally find some good numbers

Date Submitted: Sep 29, 2005
Poster Name: xxgamexx
Post Count: 2836
Member Since: Jan/31/2001
Rating: 4.0

Date Submitted: Sep 29, 2005
Poster Name: the doctor
Post Count: 2699
Member Since: Jul/17/2003
Rating: 5.0
Comments: Excellent, never had a problem in over 5 years there.