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Major's Comments:  Carib has been around for many years, Very few complaints if any. The usual complaints are over their complicated bonus structure. Money would be considered safe at this book.
User's Rating:  4.3   (Average Of 14 User Reviews)
General Info and contact info
Primary Web Address:
Customer Service Email:
Wagering Phone Number:  1-800-611-7000
Customer Service Phone Number:  1-800-611-9999
Local Phone Number:  501-225-4300
In Business Since:  1993
Location:  Costa Rica, Licensed in Antigua and Barbuda
Accepts Online Gaming Council Arbitration:  No
MajorWager Advertiser:  No
Further details
Quality Of Customer Service On Phone:  Fair
Quality Of Customer Service Via Email:  veru good
Customer Service Hours:  24/7
Handling Of Complaints:  good, managers deal with any complaints rapidly and to the satisfaction of the customer in the majority of the case.
Rules Well Displayed And Detailed:  very clear and be found at
Policy On Wiseguy Action:  everyone welcome
Minimum Wager:  $5
Which Line Services Used If Any:  Don Best
Sign Up Bonus:  a vast array of daily bonuses which can be found at
Processing Companies Used:  CentralCoin, Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, Fedex,Bank Wire,Money Transfer,Firepay, Echeck
Forum Topics
Date Posted:  17-Oct-05
Title of Thread:  Caribs policy on horse race start time
Description:  Does anyone know if Carib has a policy on having the off time 5 minutes before that actual start time?

Date Posted:  31-Jul-05
Title of Thread:  When Did SOS and Carib Merge?
Description:  I must have missed this one. How long ago did this happen?

Date Posted:  01-Jan-05
Title of Thread:  Carib! You are a good book but this is what I can't understand until now!
Description:  Spiro, Pinny and some other big shops are taking at least 3 dimes on totals without moving a single cent on Soccer (Premiere League). My biggest question is, why waste time hanging those numbers if you would only limit it to $100? Like I said before, Joe Blow at the corner street would take much more that.