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Date Submitted: Dec 5, 2005
Poster Name: icedog44
Post Count: 615
Member Since: Aug/24/2002
Rating: 5.0
Comments: I have NEVER had a problem with a payout since the inception of tradesports. They offer the widest variety of contracts (events) of any book/exchange. The daily financial trading is unrivaled as well

Date Submitted: Nov 21, 2005
Poster Name: joselito
Post Count: 5
Member Since: Nov/21/2005
Rating: 5.0

Date Submitted: Oct 21, 2005
Poster Name: liquid53
Post Count: 21
Member Since: Oct/20/2005
Rating: 4.5
Comments: 4 years and no problems, top notch operation.

Date Submitted: Oct 21, 2005
Poster Name: george d
Post Count: 2582
Member Since: Dec/15/2004
Rating: 2.5
Comments: If you want to book the bets at Tradebetx, it would be a 5. No juice for the matchmakers. When you bet there, it's a 5% commission already on the stale lines. I just took the rest of my money out. The softwware loads REAL slow and I got impatient.